Tuesday, November 5, 2019

All Hallows' Eve Party at St. Joan of Arc Parish

Some of our children's favorite childhood memories are the All Hallows' Eve Parties we had at our old parish (up through 2010) and hosted at our old home (from 2011-2017). When we moved last October they were so disappointed that we wouldn't be hosting our annual All Hallows' Eve party... and I was relieved since, with our last baby (and now another!), I just haven't had the energy to host it anyway!

One of my dear friends was asked by Father Gordon to put together the parish's All Hallows' Eve/All Saints Party this year and she did an AMAZING job! We had a little planning meeting (just three of us!) at my house, but other than putting together some posters to advertise the party (above) and taking on the All Saints Guessing Jars game, I did very little. She did an incredible job and put in a lot of time and hard work into coordinating, preparing and pulling it all together. On our way to the party I told my kids, "I'm so glad this parish has a Geneva!"

It was a lovely evening beginning with outdoor games before it got too cold and dark. After that we moved inside for the Litany of the Saints and then Dinner. After Dinner there was more indoor games, including the All Saints Guessing Jars and a Pumpkin Carving Competition.

There ended up being OVER 400 people in attendance!

I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked while holding my little two month old (plus all I have is my iPhone camera now after a recent accident with my camera...sob... so some of the pictures are pretty blurry), but here are some that I did take to share.

Giving some instructions to the Maiden's of St. Joan who were helping for the evening!

.: Costumes :. 

St. Lucia, St. Cecilia, St. Pio, St. Zelie, The Little Flower, St. Louis and St. Philomena - All Saints in Heaven, Pray for us!

Cassock or Costume? 

My favorite costume of the evening? ... Father Gordon! 

It took a little convincing to get my husband to show up at the parish party dressed as his brother, but he did it and it was so much fun to see the reactions! #yetanotherfathergordon #fssp

I don't think they look that much alike, but even in regular church clothes (slacks/white shirt/tie) Sean is often mistaken as his brother (who is always in his cassock). Last Sunday he held the door for someone and they responded "Thank you, Father!" and he's even been thanked for "his" sermons. 


I missed seeing Father's original reaction, I wish I would have been able to get it on video, but according to my 14 year old, "It was SO great!! Father said "WHAAATTT!" while pointing at Dad and then doubled over laughing!" She also said all evening she would notice some of teens *almost* say something to Sean and then realize he wasn't Father Gordon! So funny! 

.: Outdoor Games :.

The Slay Goliath game was AWESOME! This is a larger version of the David & Goliath game we came up with back in 2007. The couple from our parish who put this one together did an incredible job. Definitely one of the highlights of the outdoor games, especially for all the teens!


Geneva came over and picked up some of our leftover moving boxes to put together this game.

Our little "St. Cecilia" spent a lot of time in there with her little friend but eventually emerged. 


Saint Michael's Stomp was another hit at the other end of the parking lot! 

.: Litany of the Saints and Dinner :.

I didn't get any pictures from the Saintly Procession, Litany of Saints, or Dinner, but you can find some over on the parish's Facebook page!

.: Ora Pro Nobis :. 

The children were provided everything they needed (including 30 pieces of candy!) to put together their own Ora Pro Nobis Candy Bags for the month of November. 

.: Indoor Games :.



All the kids loved "Feed My Sheep" ... Though it might have to do with how much candy St. Philomena was handing out to each of them after playing! ;) 


.: Pumpkin Carving Contest :.

There were so many entries for the pumpkin carving competition! Every table had a couple pumpkins on the center and there was a whole other table for all the overflow. Next year we need to line them up outside so you can better view them lit up with candles. 

Geneva's carving of the Immaculate Heart which was outside and not included in the competition - So beautiful! 

The three parish priests choose the three winners from all the anonymously carved pumpkins. Second and Third place went to carvings of the Sacred Heart and Nativity.

I only carved one pumpkin this year, helping my frustrated twelve year old finish carving the design he had chosen for St. George Patron of Knights, and we surprisingly won first place! 

We ended up with St. Joan of Arc, a Cathedral, Carmel, 
St. Elizabeth of Hungary and St. George Patron of Knights.

.: All Hallows' Eve Bonfire :. 


The evening ended with some music around a bonfire! 

"The saints have not all started well but they have all finished well."
- St. John Vianney

All Saints in Heaven, Ora Pro Nobis!