Friday, November 1, 2019

Celebrating the Saints :: Our 2019 Costumes

St. Lucia, St. Cecilia, St. Pio, St. Zelie, The Little Flower, St. Louis and St. Philomena - All Saints in Heaven, Pray for us! 

"On the feasts of the saints consider their virtues, and beseech God to deign to adorn you with them." - St. Teresa of Jesus

.: St. Lucia :.

Twinkle Toes (age 16) as St. Lucia

Twinkle Toes didn't decide on a costume until the day before so that really limited her options. We don't have much in the costume boxes in teen/adult sizes! She ended up going with St. Lucia!
Can you believe that Santa Lucia Day is NEXT MONTH already?!?

.: St. Philomena :. 

Chiquita (age 14) as St. Philomena

This is a repeat costume from three years ago, but she really wanted to be St. Philomena again here at our new parish. Plus she is planning to choose St. Philomena as her Confirmation Saint next spring. 

She had outgrown the old blue costume, but this beautiful dress worked perfectly, plus she didn't need to wear it backwards like last time! We ordered it in a women's size small. It took us awhile to find our Rose Garland for her head, but it all came together and she looked so pretty! 

.: Sts. Louis & Zelie Martin and their Little Flower :. 

Snuggles (age 12) as St. Louis Martin and Rose (age 9) as St. Zelie
Lily (2 months) as The Little Flower

Rose and Bud were both trying to get their older brother to dress up with them - Rose wanted him to be St. Louis and Bud wanted him to be St. Pio as his bilocating double! We were able to round up the stuff for a St. Louis costume, so that won. The only thing I purchased for his costume was this watch.

St. Zelie's costume was super easy with this medium sized costume from Amazon. She also rounded up a doily and some knitting needles for her lace work to carry around. Her idea!

.: St. Pio of Pietrelcina :.

Bud (age 7) as St. Pio

The fake beard we ordered for this costume was so fun and kept him toasty warm for the outdoor games up here in Northern Idaho, plus it looked so cute! After I took a picture of him standing, he asked me to take one more and knelt down to pray. Love this little guy! 

.: St. Cecilia :.

Grace (age 2) as St. Cecilia

St. Cecilia is aways popular with our girls. Twinkle Toes dressed up as her back in 2007 and Rose dress up as her in 2011. We reused Rose's costume and picked up a new wig. 
I love the long blond wigs on tiny little girls... So cute! 

We're missing the older boys, who are both back at Christendom, but we sure loved having them home for fall break last week. Won't be long and they'll be back for Christmas and winter break!

Happy Feast of All Saints! 


  1. Hello and peace to all, so nice to see such lovely costumes, and the little one. God Bless! United in prayers

    2019-11-02 11:35:32

  2. What a beautiful observation of All Saints Day. The children look so lovely. It is so nice how you and your family always make every thing so special. God Bless you and your family. Marilyn

    2019-11-02 18:25:12

  3. Thank You for sharing your beautiful All Saints outfits. Everyone looks great. Joan

    2019-11-02 18:33:07

  4. Love the outfits. Grace is adorable as St. Cecilia. The St. Pio outfit is so wonderfully done. Marion

    2019-11-02 18:35:28


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