Shower of Roses Copyright Terms and Conditions

All written material and original photographs on this website are © 2007-2022 Shower of Roses 

If you would like to re-post one of my images, please send me an email and wait for me to get back to you with permission and a watermarked version of the image.  Occasionally I will allow others to share pictures of my crafts and recipes, linking back to my original posts.     

Note: I do not ever allow pictures of my children/family to be reposted anywhere online, other than on my own blogs and Facebook pages.  If you see pictures of my children elsewhere online (other than on my personal friends blogs), please let me know.  My husband & I only want our family/children's pictures posted in the context of how we choose to post them, and not used to illustrate other bloggers posts, etc, whether we agree with them or not.  Thank you for understanding and respecting our wishes!

Please feel free to pin images from my blogs to Pinterest, but do be careful to link back to the original post. Please avoid pinning pictures of my children when possible. 

You may bookmark or print my blog posts (and/or images) for personal reference.  

If you post about one of my ideas, please be kind enough to link back to me.   Please do not link directly to any of my files on Scribd, rather link directly to my original post.  

My ideas are not to be used for profit, and are meant for personal use by individuals, families, and teachers.

All "Photography by Marc Salvatore" posted with permission. 

If you have any other questions that I have not addressed, please send me an email and I will do my best to get back to you when I have a chance.

Remember, here in the United States, taking original photographs without permission (whether it is modified or not) does violate copyright laws and is considered stealing.   I also thought it was okay to use pictures found online when I first started blogging, but have since learned so much more about Copyright Laws and images that are okay to use from the Public Domain.  For more information check out these links: