Thursday, September 29, 2016

St. Michael's Stomp

Last year, for our annual All Hallows' Eve party, I asked each family to bring a game. My friend Aleesa brought along the supplies (the sign pictured above, balloons attached to rubber bands, and fun music) for a St. Michael Stomp!

All of the saints were broken into age groups for the game. When the music started playing the players goal was to stomp and pop the other balloons, staying within the set boundaries and without using their hands. Once their balloon had been popped they were out of the game. 

With today being the feast of Michaelmas, and All Hallows' Eve coming up again next month, I thought it would be fun to share the pictures with you all! 

Mother Teresa held her own against all the other little saints... 


... and Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati was disqualified for his steel-toe hiking boots! 

In the end it came down to, most appropriately, St. Michael himself who ended up being assisted by a piece of grass to defeat St. Louis IX, King of France. Everyone had a blast! 

You can scroll though our past All Hallows' Eve partiescostumes, party printables, and find ideas for Michaelmas in the archives.

St. Michael the Archangel, pray for us!


  1. What a great game idea! The music is perfect!

    2016-09-29 18:58:18

  2. Awesome!! Who is the guy in the yellow turbin?

    2016-09-29 19:34:44

    1. I required all the kids (and young adults!) to wear costumes last year, so my youngest brother (who was home from college) dug through our box and pulled out our oldest son's old St. Paul costume (as depicted in the picture book of saints):
      2016-09-29 19:42:11

  3. Thanks for sharing, Jessica. We used to play this as our last game years ago. I think that we might need to start doing so again. The children always enjoyed it. The sign is awesome! I might have to steel it. :)

    2016-09-30 02:27:07

    1. "Steal" not "steel" 😊

      2016-09-30 03:53:47


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