Sunday, September 30, 2018

Novena to Saint Teresa of the Infant Jesus: Day 9

Brown Scapular bearing the images of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Little Flower hand-embroiderd by StellaMarigold Art over at Etsy • Blessed Be God Prayer Book

"Love can accomplish all things. Things that are most impossible become easy where love is at work." - St. Therese

The following novena is from the Blessed Be God prayer book.

Novena to Saint Teresa of the Infant Jesus First DaySecond Day, Third Day, Fourth Day, Fifth Day, Sixth Day, Seventh Day, Eighth Day, Ninth Day... 

Novena to Saint Teresa of the Infant Jesus 
The Little Flower of Jesus

Prayer for Each Day

O GLORIOUS TERESA of the Infant Jesus, through whose unshaken confidence God was so glorified, obtain for me the same filial trust and love which animated thy innocent heart and soul. Grant that I may practice self-abnegation, patience and confidence, and that my confidence may be a fountain of blessings which God pours out upon me. As confidence was for thee the key to the greatest treasures of God, so it may induce me to throw myself into my Saviour's arms and say with David: "In Thee, O my God, I put my trust, let me not be confounded." Amen. 

Ninth Day

O MY dear Lord, grant me as much filial veneration and love for Thy faithful foster-father and Thy most holy and immaculate Mother, as Saint Teresa of the Infant Jesus cherished in her simple and child-like heart. And thou, O my little Saint, address thyself to my great protector and father St. Joseph, and my most holy Mother Mary, and entreat them to obtain for me the grace of dying in the arms of Jesus and uttering thy own words: "O, I love Him . . . My God . . . I . . . love Thee." Amen. 
Our Father, Hail Mary, and Gloria...

Act of Oblation of Saint Teresa of the Infant Jesus

MY LORD and my God! O Most Blessed Trinity! I desire to love Thee and to make Thee loved by mankind. Since Thou hast loved me so much as to give me the only begotten Son for my Saviour and my Spouse, the infinite treasures of His merits are mine. These merits I offer to Thee with joy, beseeching Thee to behold me only as in the Face of Jesus, and in His Sacred Heart burning with love. Moreover, I offer Thee all the merits of the saints - in heaven and on earth - together with their acts of love, and those of the holy Angels. Lastly, I offer Thee, O Blessed Trinity, the love and merits of the Blessed Virgin, my dearest Mother. To her I entrust this oblation, begging her to present it to Thee. Amen. 

Holy Child Jesus, have mercy on us. 
Our Lady of Victories, pray for us. 
Saint Teresa of the Infant Jesus, pray for us. 
Little Flower of Jesus, pray for us. 


  1. Those are the most beautiful scapulars I've ever seen! Oh to have the talent to make something so exquisite!!

    2018-10-02 08:51:55

  2. Where did you find that beautiful scapular? My daughter has a special devotion to St. Therese! This would be the PERFECT gift for her! (Oh, & congratulations on the purchase of your new home!!!)

    2018-10-16 14:21:54

    1. Ok. Never mind. I just found the link to purchase these beautiful scapulars, below your picture above. My apologies!

      2018-10-16 15:00:44

    2. Perfect! It's such a treasure! And thank you! Please pray for me as we work towards getting everything moved!

      2018-10-16 17:35:24


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