Saturday, April 28, 2018

Easter Baskets

I always look forward to filling our children's Easter baskets each year with books and gifts that incorporate our beautiful Catholic faith! I also love incorporating the various Easter Symbols and filling a basket with various gifts for the whole family to enjoy. You can read more about the various Easter Symbols here and find many gift ideas here.

Easter Sunday has already passed this year, but perhaps this post will give you some gift ideas for upcoming sacraments, birthdays, or even next Easter!

The Holy Gospels of St. Luke and St. JohnFlower and Birds Easter EggsLiturgical Colors Cross

I had ordered some books as always, but other than that I hadn't really done much to prepare for Easter Baskets this year... My mind was on other things. I do keep a couple boxes of "future gifts" in my closet that I add to when I run across great sales, so I did have some mugs to pull out for most of the kids along with some toys. I didn't make any candy this year, or pick up chocolate crosses, but we did have some gift cards for See's candy (bought at a discount from Costco) along with some coupons  for the See's bunnies and chocolate eggs.

I ended up having MORE than enough to fill all the baskets thanks to my generous sponsors here at Shower of Roses! In addition to frequently offering products for me to give away to you all over the years, they sometimes send gifts to our children too! We received boxes of gifts from Culture of Life Studies, Lisieux Nail Polish, and Prayer Pillowcases just in time for Easter!

Everyone received Pro-Life and/or Catholic T-shirts. The Pro-Life T-shirts were all this year's awesome #NPLTD T-shirt from Culture of Life Studies in a variety of colors. (Save 20% on these t-shirts, and everything else from Culture of Life Studies, with coupon code ROSES20)  

We all received brand new personalized pillowcases from Prayer Pillowcases too.

The new limited edition Easter Trio (Caritas, Palm and Paschal) polish from Lisieux is so pretty! I posted more pictures of the nail polish here

.: Captain - Age 17 :. 

.: Ranger - Age 16 :. 

.: Twinkle Toes - Age 14 :. 

.: Chiquita - Age 12 :.

Just a little excited to see another addition to The Green Ember series! 

.: Snuggles - Age 10 :. 

.: Rose - Age 8 :. 

.: Bud - Age 6 :. 

.: Grace - Age 0 :. 

Want to see a few more pictures? Here's the link: Baby's First Easter

.: This Year's Easter Symbols Basket for the Family :.

Cross: Wooden Tree 
Bread of Life: The Wonder Gifts and The Wonder Offering
Lily: Gigli Pasta from Trader Joe's and Flower Families
Egg: HABA Shakin Eggs (purchased on clearance for less than $10!) 
Butterfly: Collector Cards (from a trip we took to Grand Tetons a few years ago) 
Bells: Bell Shaped Chocolate (post Christmas clearance sale) 

You can scroll through all past Easter Basket posts here including pictures from Easter morning 20172014201320122011, and 2010
(still haven't gotten around to posting 2015 and 2016) 

Alleluia! He is Risen! 


  1. Jessica, Would you mind sharing with us the name of the book opened in the second photo from the top? The artwork is beautiful! Thank you once again for sharing so many treasures.

    2018-04-29 15:15:19

    1. Hi Genevieve, that's The Holy Gospels of St. Luke and St. John from Sacred Art Series

      2018-04-29 15:51:06

  2. What fun for your kids! I did notice that the kids' names appear in some of the photos (on their baskets). Thank you for sharing these wonderful gift ideas. Happy 5th Day of Easter to you!!!

    2018-04-29 15:51:38

    1. I know, I realized that as I was uploading some of the pictures to the post and probably should have taken the time to go back and edit them like I've done in the past. I'll probably fix that soon. In the meantime I guess you all get a peek at their names. Happy Easter to you too!

      2018-04-29 16:06:38

  3. Absolutely amazing how you get exactly what is great for the age of each child. I do believe you might have 1-2 Priests and possibly 1-2 religious Sisters in your bunch. God Bless y'all.

    2018-04-29 15:52:07

    1. Thank you, Joy! Please keep our family in your prayers. God bless you too!

      2018-04-29 16:10:27

  4. Thank you for sharing the Easter joy, as evidenced in your children's faces upon receiving such well considered devotional gifts! Just shaking my head...I don't know how you do it, but I'm forever grateful for your inspirational 'domestic church'! God bless you all!

    2018-04-30 00:53:16

  5. Every gift inside your children's Easter baskets are just delightful! So much thought and consideration went into each basket. I so enjoyed all of their happy smiles...and their lovely springtime Easter outfits. They are growing up so quickly! Thank you so much for sharing...

    2018-04-30 19:34:47

  6. I love the looks on their faces for the next Green Ember book. We've only just discovered the series, and now read from about the middle of one chapter to about the middle of the next or my kids would never get to sleep with all the exciting cliffhanger chapter endings. I'm guessing from the looks on your kids faces that the series stays strong!😉 Thank you for sharing!

    2018-05-01 16:05:50

  7. Thank You for this post concerning the children's Easter baskets. I love to see the selections for each child. I have written down some of the books. I recently purchased "The Hedge School" . My twin sister has started to read the book. We enjoy reading young adult books at times. I look forward to your interesting posts. God Bless you and yours. Marilyn

    2018-05-01 18:05:51

  8. The Easter baskets are put together so nicely. Every child receives gifts that are appropriate to them and their names. Everything you purchase is so lovely. Joan

    2018-05-01 18:09:16

  9. All of the gifts are things that I am interested in. Many of your selection of books I have purchased or intend to. I like the way you match with the holiday and the names of the children. The Lisieux nail polish is something I am very interested in. Victoria Magazine has a many issues focused on England. The children are so beautiful. Marion

    2018-05-01 18:14:59

  10. Wonderful Easter Baskets! Blessings to all and Precious little one is getting so Big!✝❤

    2018-05-01 18:40:20

  11. The gifts are so thoughtful and lovely. Would you mind sharing where you purchased the baskets and monogrammed liners? Thanks!

    2018-05-04 03:30:11

    1. So sorry I missed responding to your question last year! Most of our baskets and all of the liners are from Pottery Barn Kids.

      2019-03-28 22:10:25

  12. I stumbled upon this post to get ideas for Easter 2019. What was your opinion of the Ferdinand movie? I’ve seen some previews and read reviews that are concerning. My son has been begging to see it, but the sexual innuendos worry me. Thanks for your input.

    2019-03-15 20:17:25

    1. After getting your comment I went and read some reviews... There is much more junk squeezed into it than I realized!! We took our family to see it when it was at the theatre and the majority of it went right over our heads. So frustrating that they add that to kids' movies (or any movie for that matter)... It's not one that we watch very frequently, but we do still have it in our collection.

      2019-03-28 22:09:46


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