Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Prayers for the Murphy Family

🎶 Can the human heart refrain from partaking in her pain, In that Mother’s pain untold? 🎶 

{We are praying for a special intention tonight 💔 sometimes the crosses given to those dear to us seem so heavy. I would be grateful if, in your charity, you would offer a prayer too} 

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 Today I shared an update and wanted to post here on the blog too: 

Thank you for praying for the special intention I mentioned on Friday night. At that time I had no idea just how heavy the cross was going to be for my brother Brian and his family, and how scary and heart wrenching for all of us. 💔

This past Saturday, Brian and his wife Meagan were at the hospital preparing to deliver and say goodbye to their sweet baby girl, she was due to arrive next month but her precious heart stopped beating... Her sweet smiling face had already captured all of our hearts and she will be missed dearly. Millie Frances was born asleep Sunday morning. It was such an honor and blessing to be there when she arrived, hold her tiny little body, and kiss her beautiful forehead.🌹 


Meanwhile their three year old daughter, my niece Evie, was really sick too due to the flu combined with her bleeding disorder that left her with a nose bleed that just would not stop. My sister Mary and I called her doctor’s office and Brian left the hospital to meet Evie and I there Saturday afternoon. (At this point it had been bleeding for 24 hours.) The doctor sent her home following her labs, but by the middle of the night it had gotten even scarier and Mom (who had taken over watching the girls for the night) called Brian to come back and take her to the ER. Sunday morning, just after Evie had been given her first transfusion, stabilized, and admitted to the Pediatric NICU, I messaged my brother to hurry back to labor and delivery, Millie was about to be born. Evie had another scary day on Monday and needed another transfusion, but as of yesterday she is much better and is finally HOME! Thanks be to God! ❤️ 

Please, please, pray for healing, comfort, and peace for my brother Brian and his family. 
They have been through so much. 🙏🏻