Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Another New Addition to Our March Book Basket {Runaway Bunny Edition}

I can't believe that our little baby is going to be 9 months old the day after tomorrow... 

Her first year is flying by! She's been crawling for a few months now, and I've been told that she was standing on her own the day before yesterday without holding on to anything and tried taking a step, but so far she isn't walking. She can sure climb though! 

A Few Links:

Runaway Bunny Board Book
(Not new... It's a well loved book from our collection, but the kids pulled it out to match her outfit.) 

Runaway Bunny Onesie 
(Today through Mar 8th, they are having a buy one get one free over at Out of Print!)

(We love all the Grimm's Wooden Blocks. This rainbow, along with the Ostheimer Unicorn, was a Christmas gift for our 8 year old. I'd love to eventually add the small pastel rainbow to our collection.) 

(I am running behind on updating our baskets and book carts!) 


  1. GO AHEAD - MAKE MY DAY!! The little beauty is now reading books and playing with rainbows - what a little DOLL!

    2018-03-06 22:25:17

  2. I love how one moment she's sitting there looking at the book, then the next moment she has the whole rainbow on the floor -- all over! It happens so fast, the mess and the infant years. :)

    2018-03-07 15:50:05

  3. What fun. Basket climbing was a favorite activity of the grands. Nothing got in their way. Your Little is a angel.

    2018-03-07 19:30:09

  4. Reading already! Obviously, a future Librarian. Joan

    2018-03-07 21:12:48

  5. It is amazing how Grace knew which book matched her outfit. Marion

    2018-03-07 21:14:01

  6. Beauty and brains is Grace. She is a smart little girl. Marilyn

    2018-03-07 21:15:07

  7. So precious. Seriously-her shirt even matches the book?!! Your photography always takes the cake! I love how you captured the energy and movement.

    2018-03-21 19:59:47


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