Saturday, August 8, 2015

Wooden Saint Dolls & Nesting Blocks

Last night I walked into the living room just in time to hear our little guy say "It's nighttime!" as he was building beds for all of the saints. "Sssshhhhhhhh!" 

When our old schoolroom became the younger boys' bedroom a couple years ago I had to find new homes for everything that was kept in there previously. These awesome blocks, that had been displayed on the shelves and played with occasionally, ended up being placed in a basket in the living room and are now played with nearly every day.  They are the perfect size for our various wooden saint doll collections, the small dolls I handprinted years ago and the larger dolls that have been handprinted, purchased or given to our family. The German-made wooden nesting blocks are worth the expense and have held up beautifully!

Our nesting block collection includes:

"Little Flower" Wooden Puzzle Stacker - Large

Wooden Tree Nesting Blocks (first birthday gift)

Fire Flames Wooden Nesting Blocks - Large

Rainbow Stacker Wooden Nesting Blocks - Large

Stone Caves Wooden Nesting Blocks - Large

Water Waves Wooden Nesting Blocks - Large

Casa Sole Fantastical Stacking Blocks

Wooden Fairy Tale Village Block/Puzzle Set

These sets make excellent gifts for birthdays and Christmas!


  1. So precious!

    2015-08-08 16:47:54

  2. That's exactly what I and my Sister would have done when we were little :-)

    2015-08-09 21:54:36

  3. Good post.

    2016-01-09 16:52:37


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