Thursday, April 28, 2022

Fix It! Grammar

We have been using Fix It! Grammar for many years and really love the program! It's been an excellent way for our children to learn grammar through editing.  

A few months ago Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) offered to send me samples of the brand new updated Fix It! Grammar course to try out with our students.  

Our 4th and 6th graders completed Level 1 The Nose Tree in 2020-2021 and had started working through the first ten weeks or so of the old Level 2 Robin Hood this school year. They had been struggling a bit and so we decided to have them restart at the beginning of February with the new Level 2 Town Mouse and Country Mouse. After noticing a trend of the old Robin Hood being a bit difficult for students, even after completing The Nose Tree, they decided to create another level to fit in between the two. 

We are so pleased with the new level and all the other updates that have been made to Fix it! Grammar making it even better than ever. The fact that our students completed the whole book (30 weeks) in less than three months without any prompting from me shows just how much they have been enjoying these assignments! 

The new full-color Fix It! Grammar Cards are awesome too! I need to order a second pack so they each have their own set. 

I asked our 6th grader to share few of her favorite updates and this is what she had to say:

- "I love having one page for each day instead of having the sentences for the week all on one page!"

- "I really like knowing how many of each thing I'm supposed to look for each day to mark or correct."

- "It's so nice to be able to rewrite the sentence on the same page and not need a separate book."

- "I love the addition of Review It! pages. They are so fun!"

Our 4th grader added, "Honestly, I think these books are a lot easier to use than the first one! And a LOT more fun!"

They are both looking forward to moving on to the new Level 3 Robin Hood in the fall.  


  1. We have never used these books before, but they look really helpful! Would you recommend starting on level one? My kids range from age 9 to 12.

    1. Yes! I would recommend starting with Level 1. You can check out samples of each level over at IEW. If Level 1 The Nose Tree is too easy for them you could always move through it at a quick pace, reviewing the introductory grammar covered in this level along with the Fix It! "Mark It!" editing concepts, and then on to Level 2.


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