Sunday, December 12, 2021

Our Lady of Guadalupe Brunch on Gaudete Sunday

Morning Offering to Our Lady of Guadalupe

Immaculate Heart of Mary, Heart of my Mother, Our Lady of Guadalupe, I unite to thy purity, thy sanctity, thy zeal and thy love, all my thoughts, words, acts, and sufferings this day, that there may be nothing in me that does not become through thee, a pleasure to Jesus, a gain to souls, and an act of reparation for the offenses against thy Heart. 

On the Menu: 

St. Juan Diego's (Crepe) Tilma with (Strawberry) Roses
A Woman Clothed with the Sun (Oranges)
Crushed Serpent (Crushed/Extra Crispy Bacon)
Crescent Moon Rolls and Starry Cinnamon Rolls
Bishop Zumarraga's Candy Cane Crosier
Aztec Cocoa and Orange Juice


This year my husband pulled out a book his mother had given us many year's ago, Saints of the Southwest, and read about Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe during our brunch. He also read our Our Lady of Guadalupe Pop-Up book to everyone. The babies really loved seeing all the pop ups! 


"Are there peoples inside?" asked our little two year old in her raspy voice... 
Our sweet baby girls both had croup this past week but finally started to improve by the weekend. 

... and of course they pulled out some of our Our Lady of Guadalupe Dolls and Blocks!

"Am I not here who am your Mother? 
Are you not under my shadow and protections? 
Am I not the fountain of your joy? 
Are you not in the fold of my mantle, in the cradle of my arms?” 

- Blessed Virgin Mary to St. Juan Diego 

Our Lady of Guadalupe, ora pro nobis! 


  1. Absolutely Touching Family Celebration for our most Beautiful Blessed Mother Mary!!! Your family is a Catholic Treasure Jessica!!! Continued Blessings to You in your Advent Journey with your Dearest Family...

    1. Thank you, Debbie! I hope you are having a blessed Advent!

  2. Love all your feast day inspo! Could you provide a link for the candle stand in the middle of your Advent wreath?

    1. Thank you! It's actually part of our Advent Wreath. I purchased it back in 2014 and blogged about it here if you'd like to see additional pictures:

      I don't believe it's made anymore, but perhaps it can be found second hand. It's the Enesco Pillars Advent Wreath 5-piece Set.

  3. Wonderful photos! "Saints of the Southwest" will be added to my book wish list as I love and live in the Southwest. Well, it isn't very nice where I live but it is in the Southwest.


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