Thursday, November 4, 2021


This past Saturday we carved our annual Saint-O-Lanterns! We almost didn't do it this year (we missed getting to the pumpkin patch before they closed for the season and I hadn't purchase any pumpkins) but on Friday night I went out grocery shopping and was able to get some carving pumpkins at Trader Joe's. I'm glad we made the effort.  It's always messy and stressful so much fun!

.: Carving Our 2021 Saint-O-Lanterns :.


.: St. Benedict Medal :. 

by Bud (age 9) who gutted and scraped and Mom who did the carving

.: The Nativity :. 

by Rose (age 11) 

.: St. Martin and the Beggar :. 

by Scout (age 14)

.: Our Lady of Perpetual Grace :. 

by Chiquita (age 16) 

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  1. I really like the St. Benedict one.

  2. These are amazing! Such a joy to see their reactions to the inner gloop! Thank you so much for sharing here, as I'm not on Instagram.

  3. Great job by all.

  4. Love the look on the children's faces.

  5. The pumpkins are delightful. Great job.

  6. the look on the boys' faces, hehe...
    Where did you get your girls denim skirts?

    1. I've gotten so many emails and messages asking about the girls skirts that I should probably put together a post with links to ones we have purchased lately! :)

      Pictured in this post...

      16 year old is wearing GoModest Women's Midi Casual Modest Knee Length Denim Jean Pencil Skirt (Black Denim, Extra Small) purchased on Amazon:

      Looks like it can still be found at this link:

      12 year old is wearing Lola Raw Hem Stitched Midi Skirt from Inherit in Size 12:


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