Friday, June 11, 2021

Summer 2020 :: The "Nun Run" Part One

Now that golf season has ended, and now that I have a lot of free time while I recover from my knee surgery, I can start back up on the posts!  You can find my past posts here: written by Twinkle Toes.

Last summer a group of us girls from St. Joan's went on a "Nun Run" with one of our amazing priests. Our first stop was a visit to the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles at the Abbey of Our Lady of Ephesus in Gower, MO. We started the trip off with 5:30 AM Confession and Mass at our church before heading to the airport to catch our flight.  


I have now been able to fly with two of my siblings for their first flights! She loved it! Especially the turbulence (not something I'm a particular fan of). I didn't get many pictures during the flight (mainly because I was asleep for most of it) but it was so cool descending into Kansas City. 

When we reached Gower, one of the sisters (Sister Grace) showed us our rooms and made sure we were all settled in. Waking up early the next morning was hard, especially with the time change (4:45 Central Time is 2:45 Pacific Time), but after a few days we got used to it.

Our Daily Schedule at Gower:

4:45 Wake up
5:05 Matins and Private Prayer
7:10 Lauds, Prime, and Breakfast
8:45 Work (We mainly worked in the garden.)
10:50 Terce, Mass, Sext, Lunch
2:15 Exposition, None, Free time/Rosary
5:30 Vespers then Supper
6:45 Work
8:00 Compline, then bed

A picture from during Compline

After Compline is the Grand Silence (no talking) which goes until after Prime the next morning.

The nuns gave us a tour of their sewing studio during our final day at Gower and showed us how to make vestments and altar linens.

Emily and I happen to have the same godparents (small world!) so we took a quick picture together to send to our godmother.

While we were at Gower, we were able to see one of my close friends (the girl in the middle).

The singing at Gower was amazing! I've grown up listening to their CDs at home and to hear them in person was even more beautiful!


After Matins, we had some free time in the morning before Lauds which gave us time to say some private 
prayers and enjoy the sunrise each morning.

I loved every moment of our visit to Gower! From praying the Divine Office to working along side the sisters in the garden, every moment will be cherished! The amount of time spent with Our Lord in the Chapel was absolutely amazing and it helped me grow in devotion to Christ and our Blessed Virgin Mary.