Friday, February 26, 2021

Summer 2020 :: Gettysburg

Gettysburg was our last outing before the ECSP (Experience Christendom Summer Program) and it was definitely an outing to remember. It's so different going to the East where there have been so many significant historical events practically at every turn, whereas in the West, there are not very many.

Here is an example of the more than 1,328 monuments or markers across the Battlefield, this one commemorating the 8th New York Cavalry Brigade and placed there in 1889.

The 12th and 44th New York Infantry Monument. This monument is located on Little Round Top and you can see my cousin and brother on top of it. 

More detail explains this historical marker.

The monument was able to give us a heightened view of the Devil's Den and the Valley of Death.  Here my cousins are ready to relive the action.

The view from Little Round Top was amazing!!

By the Monument, written on rocks, were names and dates of soldiers who died at that spot. 

There were so many cannons everywhere! ... 630 of them to be exact!

No turning back now boys!

The reenactments that my brother did with our cousins were priceless. 


Here are more monuments. Our uncle, Fr. Terrence Gordon wasn't able to join us, like he did when my older brothers visited, but he did give us a tour over the phone! 

We were able to reenact "Picket's Charge" at the location in which the actual charge had taken place over 150 years ago. 

There were many "casualties," but we eventually made it!!!

Not going to lie, the running definitely wore us out for a bit!

We found this rock on the wall by where Picket's Charge took place. It had the name "Philip Lockett 14 VA Inf." written on it. Curious that this name might have been written during Picket's Charge, we asked a Ranger about it. She did some researching and found that Captain Philip Lockett did, in fact, participate in Picket's Charge. However, she pointed out that the rock looked like a new rock (meaning it placed there after it had become a historical site) so we concluded that someone must've written the name of one of their ancestors on the rock. It was still a fun adventure to learn more about him and be able to do some research on it! 


It was an amazing day which I will never forget! It was such a blessing to be able to visit historical sites and be able to get to know my cousins more! 

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  1. How exciting! I have really loved reading your posts, and I must add that you take amazing pictures!!!.Also the " battle" pictures were most amusing! Good job Twinkle Toes!

    2021-02-27 15:19:55

  2. A place of great sadness and solemnity; a numinous experience.

    2021-02-27 21:49:37


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