Sunday, November 15, 2020

Soldier of Christ: The Sacrament of Confirmation

This weekend, on November 14, 2020, our 15 year old daughter (along with over 50 other teens from our parish) was Confirmed in the Extraordinary Form by her uncle who had been delegated and given facilities by the bishop! That makes four sacraments now (Baptism, First Confession, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation) that she has received from her uncles! 

Three years ago, when our eldest three were Confirmed, we had hoped and prayed that someday our other children would also be able to also receive this final sacrament of initiation in the ancient rite and we are so very grateful to now be parishioners here at St. Joan of Arc. God is good!

A quick picture on our way to the church, wearing her beautiful white dress and the St. Philomena necklace her Dad and I had purchased for her. St. Philomena, pray for us!

We weren't allowed to take pictures during the Confirmations. There was a photographer though so we are looking forward to seeing those pictures! Holy Mass followed the Confirmations. 

Afterwards I went looking for her, to congratulate her, give her a hug, and try and take a picture of her with her dear sponsor... I found her in the corner of the church praying. She has such a beautiful soul. Please offer a prayer for her and for all these great young Catholics! 

In addition to the necklace, we also gave her a painting of St. Philomena and a Sacred Heart Rosary from Come Holy Spirit Rosaries. She also received a lovely bracelet from her sponsor and a necklace (pictured below) handmade with her favorite colors by my sweet and generous friend Aleesa

I didn't have time or energy to bake a cake, but I did make a topper for her cheesecake! 

O Heavenly Spirit! Third Person of the adorable Trinity! Whom I have received and most fervently adore, deign to take eternal possession of my soul; create and maintain therein the purity and sanctity which become Thy temple. O Spirit of Wisdom: preside over all my thoughts, words, and actions, from this hour to the moment of my death. Spirit of Understanding! Enlighten and teach me. Spirit of Counsel! Direct my youth and inexperience. Spirit of Fortitude! Strengthen my weakness. Spirit of Knowledge! Instruct my ignorance. Spirit of Piety! Make me fervent in good works. Spirit of Fear! Restrain me from all evil. Amen.

St. Philomena, ora pro nobis!