Tuesday, November 3, 2020


On Friday night, while Sean and I enjoyed a lovely night out at our favorite Italian restaurant, our teens babysat and carved pumpkins with their younger siblings. This year's Saint-O-Lanterns are repeats from past years, but they wanted to go with a patriotic and pro-life theme with the presidential elections happening now. Pray for our country! 

.: Our 2020 Saint-O-Lanterns :.

God Bless America

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Unborn Baby - Defend and Protect Life

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Prayer at Valley Forge

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Almighty and Eternal God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords: graciously turn your gaze to us who invoke You with confidence.

Bless us, citizens of the United States of America; grant peace and prosperity to our Nation; illuminate those who govern us so that they may commit themselves to the common good, in respect for Your holy Law.

Protect those who, defending the inviolable principles of the Natural Law and Your Commandments, must face the repeated assaults of the Enemy of the human race.

Keep in the hearts of Your children courage for the truth, love for virtue and perseverance in the midst of trials.

Make our families grow in the example that Our Lord has given us, together with His Most Holy Mother and Saint Joseph in the home of Nazareth; give to our fathers and mothers the gift of Strength, to educate wisely the children with which you have blessed them.

Give courage to those who, in spiritual combat, fight the good fight as soldiers of Christ against the furious forces of the children of darkness.

Keep each one of us, O Lord, in your Most Sacred Heart, and above all him whom Your Providence has placed at the head of our Nation.

Bless the President of the United States of America, so that aware of his responsibility and his duties, he may be a knight of justice, a defender of the oppressed, a firm bulwark against Your enemies, and a proud supporter of the children of light.

Place the United States of America and the whole world under the mantle of the Queen of Victories, our Unconquered Leader in battle, the Immaculate Conception. It is thanks to her, and through your Mercy, that the hymn of praise rises to you, O Lord, from the children whom you have redeemed in the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

- written by Archbishop Viganò

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  1. Great work. Amazing pumpkin lanterns! I am excited. :-)

    2020-11-03 22:41:39

  2. Good job on the pumpkins. Marilyn,Joan and Marion

    2020-11-04 20:24:18

  3. What talented artists and pumpkin carvers you have Jessica!!! Such a fun time for the children. Each word of the prayer from Archbishop Vigano remains close within my heart every day. I am praying so hard for our President and for the future of America for my grandchildren to grow up in a free country.

    2020-11-16 21:29:28


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