Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Celebrating Michaelmas


Michael, prince of all the angels, While your legions fill the sky, 
All victorious over Satan, Lift your flaming sword on high; 
Shout to all the seas and heavens: Now the morning is begun; 
Now is rescued from the dragon She whose garment is the sun!

I tried adapting our Michaelmas Blackberry Cobbler recipe using Cassava Flour and Coconut Sugar... 
Didn't turn out wonderful but I enjoyed having a refined sugar-free treat!

St. Raphael, St. Michael and St. Gabriel from Naturally CatholicOstheimer Dragon

St. Michael Saints 'N Stitches from Waltzing Matilda

All decked out to celebrate his patron saint! 
St. Michael Socks • St. Michael T-Shirt from Catholic T-shirt Club • St. Michael Coffee Mug

Mighty champion of the woman, Mighty servant of her Lord, 
Come with all your myriad warriors, Come and save us with your sword; 
Enemies of God surround us: Share with us your burning love; 
Let the incense of our worship Rise before His throne above! 

The special little gift I purchased hasn't arrived yet...
but the younger kids were so excited when this
Special Edition Saints Around the World Box arrived! 

I was just (unsuccessfully) looking for our copy of The Great Battle for Heaven! Perfect timing.

St. Michael Statue, another My Holy Cards Holder, and all sorts of other goodies too!

The Great Battle for Heaven

The Children's Book of Angels

Gabriel, messenger to Mary, Raphael, healer, friend and guide, 
All you hosts of guardian angels Ever standing by our side, 
Virtues, Thrones and Dominations, Raise on high your joyful hymn, 
Principalities and Powers, Cherubim and Seraphim!

Blackberry Bubly and Izze Sparkling Blackberry Drinks

I had planned to make our Apple Chicken to serve with Angel Hair,
but changed my mind after seeing Ruby's Chicken Scampi... Yummmmmmmmm!

Our annual Michaelmas Cupcakes are always a favorite! 
Devil's Food Cupcakes with swords for "stabbing the Devil!" 

3 Archangels Saint Block Set from Almond Rod Toys • Playmobil Swords

Happy Michaelmas!


  1. Everything you post has such a touch of grace!

    2020-10-12 16:37:39

  2. A very Special Name Day for your son! Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos Jessica! I admire your talent in making these Feast Days so unique. Your children look so happy...

    2020-11-16 22:27:29


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