Wednesday, May 27, 2020

End-of-School Interviews

Who else is ready for summer break?! We are so ready and I am excited to finally pack up this past year's school books and start making some plans for next year. On May 8th I sent Kolbe Academy all of the required paperwork for our high school students records/transcripts and on May 14th the older boys took their last final exam (here at home due to the shutdown) wrapping up their freshman year of college!

Years ago I started compiling End-of-School Interviews for each of our children and I've been making them every year since. It's so fun to look back through them and see how much our students have grown each year and how their answers change over the years. I actually used them for graduation party decorations last summer

I didn't plan to continue interviewing our college kids, but we changed up some of the questions and they were more than willing to join the fun once again. Our 16 year old got the project started this year, asking everyone all the questions, helping take and/or choose photos, and then helping to compile it all in PicMonkey.

Here are this year's End-of-School Interviews (revised with blog nicknames):

Captain's Favorite Books: The Odyssey and Beowulf

Ranger's Favorite Books: Inferno and St. Augustine's Confessions

Twinkle Toes' Favorite Books: Black as Night, Waking Rose and The Brides of Montclair
(none of these were actually school books...) 

Chiquita's Favorite Books: Oliver Twist, Mansfield Park, and North & South

Snuggles' Favorite Books: The Hobbit and LOTR

Rose's Favorite Books: The Little House Series and Stories about St. Therese and St. Clare

Bud's Favorite Book: The Hobbit: Illustrated Edition

Grace's Favorite Books: Madeline

My Favorite Toys: Chews Life Rosaries and Cuddle+Kind Dolls
(*All the kids have voted to change our sweet baby's blog name from Lily to Joy. It fits her perfectly.)