Thursday, April 2, 2020

St. Conrad and the Wildfire

Author Maura Roan McKeegan delivers another inspiring and superbly illustrated true story of faith and redemption for children. Keeping true to her storytelling ability, the author delivers a captivating account of the nobleman saint, St. Conrad of Piacenza. Young readers will be drawn immediately into the fascinating aristocratic life of a nobleman as they are swept into what will become the young Saint's life altering test in life.

As the story unfolds the readers are treated to the colorful illustrations of the Italian countryside. The medieval calligraphy and illuminated lettering in the text offers a relevant touch for the time period of our story.

One poor decision made by our young saint's poor judgment suddenly alters the course of his future. Conrad is then faced with another decision in a collision of conscience that could seal his eternal fate. In the end, we learn the lesson of honesty and accountability.

 by Maura Roan McKeegan

*Thank you to my husband for writing the review for me!

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  1. Awesome..:-)

    2020-04-03 05:08:59

  2. Would be lovely gifts to win!

    2020-04-03 10:55:32

  3. Just reading the text on the pages shown - now I've GOT to find out what happened! - why was he ashamed?! This looks like a great book and the illustrations are superb.

    2020-04-03 13:35:32

  4. What a lovely review! It sounds like this book would be good for older children, too! And the illustrations look wonderful.

    2020-04-03 15:28:03

  5. Thank you for bringing this new book to our attention right before Easter.

    2020-04-04 04:10:14

  6. How generous! I love new book ideas :) Thank you!

    2020-04-04 20:57:07

  7. St.Conrad and The Wildfire is an amazing book that any one would be happy to read. Marion

    2020-04-04 21:28:27

  8. Thank You for this review. Saint Conrad is a Saint I actually did not know much about. The book sounds lovely. Marilyn

    2020-04-04 23:50:46


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