Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Stacks of Books on Epiphany

On the feast of Epiphany our children once again discovered stacks of books wrapped in gold from the three wise men!  As I was sharing this year's Baskets of Books for Easter list I realized that I never did get around to sharing the books they received back in January. Time to fix that! 

For Captain (19) and Ranger (17)
**in addition to the stacks of books ordered and delivered directly to their college for 2nd semester**

For Twinkle Toes (16)

For Chiquita (14)

For Snuggles (12)
The World War II DK Eyewitness Book was the *only* Christmas wish he had this year after receiving the World War I version for his birthday last year! 

For Rose (10)
(Note: I purchased a couple boxed sets of the Mini Editions of Elsa Beskow books a couple years ago and have been giving the books to the children a couple at a time! The Madeline book was a follow up to her Madeline themed 10th birthday just before Christmas.) 

For Bud (8)

For Grace (2) 

.: Giveaway :. 

I have an extra calendar and an extra copy of World War II... 
I accidentally ordered World War II from both Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Whoops! 

Enter the Rafflecopter if you're interested in them and I'll randomly pick a name on Saturday! 


  1. I love Heather’s artwork and would love the calendar and the WWII book! My husband loves learning about WWII and this would be a special book to own! Plus, my son just finished reading a book about WWII. Thanks so much!

    2020-04-01 15:32:01

  2. Thanks for the giveaway and book lists!

    2020-04-01 15:37:18

  3. I have a WWI and II loving boy, too! Awesome books!

    2020-04-01 15:38:17

  4. My son would love the WWII Eyewitness - thank you!

    2020-04-01 15:40:36

  5. That looks like a beautiful calendar! Thanks again for the great book lists. We love eyewitness books too!

    2020-04-01 15:50:20

  6. My boys love learning about WWII. Great book ideas!

    2020-04-01 15:53:51

  7. You always find such treasures! Thanks for sharing!

    2020-04-01 15:56:43

  8. The Brontë Sisters Boxed Set: Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, Villette (Penguin Clothbound Classics) Stitched in Time: Memory-Keeping Projects to Sew and Share from the Creator of Posie Gets Cozy Saint Bernadette Soubirous, 1844-79 by Francis Trochu All sound lovely And MADELINE’S CHRISTMAS——LizzieLouTheLibrarian approved!

    2020-04-01 15:58:49

  9. Our son would love WWII book.😊

    2020-04-01 15:59:44

  10. Would love that calendar or wwll book

    2020-04-01 16:12:43

  11. My boys would love the WWII book!

    2020-04-01 16:22:55

  12. Wow! That's alot of books! lol and another great giveaway!

    2020-04-01 16:30:56

  13. Thank you, I always loved your book lists and refer to your old book posts often when I'm looking for ideas. Where are your favorite places to buy your girls clothes? I love so many of the outfits I see them in!

    2020-04-01 16:50:54

    1. Thank you! Hmmm... I buy girls clothing from Hanna Andersson (pjs and some dresses for younger girls), Baby My Love on Etsy, JessaKae (dresses for my older girls), and have lots of hand-me-downs I have saved over the years from Gymboree, LandsEnd, L.L. Bean, and occasionally Garnet Hill. Sometimes Old Navy too.

      2020-04-01 23:39:18

  14. Madeline was my favorite when I was little! Good choice. Thanks for another giveaway.

    2020-04-01 16:55:54

  15. What a beautiful calendar!

    2020-04-01 17:20:32

  16. So cute! Love the Calendar.

    2020-04-01 17:38:15

  17. I have four boys who would be fascinated by the WWII book! And the calendar is beautiful!

    2020-04-01 17:46:13

  18. I always look forward to your book lists! Thanks again for sharing!

    2020-04-01 18:18:51

  19. thanks for the giveaway!!

    2020-04-01 19:32:24

  20. I have always wanted a calendar by Heather!

    2020-04-01 20:08:55

  21. I absolutely love anything Jan Brett!! I've found a few used that I'd never heard of. They're enchanting books!

    2020-04-01 20:10:36

  22. I'm not posting to win, but rather to say THANK YOU for this wonderful list of great books and for all those heartwarming pictures of your family. Your blog provides SO MUCH for so many. God bless you!

    2020-04-01 20:42:42

  23. Would love the WWII book! Our family both immediate and extended are kinda WWII buffs. :-)

    2020-04-01 21:46:46

  24. Thank you for the giveaway! I have a daughter and a son that would enjoy these very much!

    2020-04-01 22:01:06

  25. I love the suggestions. Thank you! It makes it so much easier to find good books.

    2020-04-02 02:33:57

  26. These look great!

    2020-04-02 03:06:40

  27. That picture of Grace reading to her dolls is precious!

    2020-04-02 08:07:24

  28. Thank you so much for all your continual excellent book reading suggestions! They are always beautiful in the areas of Faith and wholesome on the secular realm! Appreciate and God bless you and your beautiful family!

    2020-04-02 12:04:57

  29. Several of my kids have become WW2 nerds!!! They can't seem to read enough about it, which is great since we live in Evansville, IN which was the heartbeat of WW2 production. Home of the LST's and the P47 Thunderbolt!!! I would love the calendar. We have been doing so much art and I seem to pull towards the folkart lately.

    2020-04-02 13:47:42

  30. I'm so very thankful for all the resources you provide and ideas you give on this blog!

    2020-04-02 15:07:43

  31. I think all six of our boys would enjoy the WWII book! And the art work in the calendar looks lovely. Thank you for the opportunity! Pax Christi!

    2020-04-02 15:37:07

  32. Wonderful list of books!

    2020-04-02 16:12:10

  33. More wonderful books! Thank you so much for posting these!

    2020-04-02 19:04:44

  34. Such great books. I love the calendar as well!

    2020-04-02 19:16:19

  35. Your booklists have helped me find such great books over the years. My youngest son received the Hazardous Tales for Christmas after I saw them on here and I think he's already all of them multiple times! He would love the World War II book.

    2020-04-03 00:50:04

  36. Thank you for this giveaway! Beautiful calendar and book!

    2020-04-03 04:05:41

  37. Would love the WWII book!

    2020-04-03 16:37:39

  38. Great giveaway!

    2020-04-03 16:46:09

  39. Great books and a beautiful Rosary.

    2020-04-03 18:16:41

  40. My 8th grader would love the WWII book. I can't get over how much your children have grown. I have been reading your blog since my oldest (16) was about 4. You

    2020-04-03 21:29:11

  41. Love the collection of books for all ages. Marilyn

    2020-04-03 23:09:54

  42. You always find the best books!

    2020-04-04 00:30:17

  43. I am so excited to see the book by Posy Gets cosy. I didn't know she wrote a book!

    2020-04-04 04:17:04

  44. What a great list of books for the children. Every one sounds interesting. Marilyn

    2020-04-04 23:47:35


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