Wednesday, December 4, 2019

St. Nicholas Chocolate Coins

A few weeks ago I spent a little time creating new versions of my St. Nicholas Chocolate Coins and they turned out so pretty. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to share them with you all! 

...and here is the link to the original St. Nicholas Chocolate Coins

(You can find another option, an adaptation this idea of mine, over at St. Nicholas Center.)


  1. I just found you through Kendra Tierney's Instagram this morning. For some reason, I am unable to print this file. I was able to print your older one. I'm not sure what is going on. I can see it in the print preview, but it just won't print. I'm so disappointed because I love the artwork on the newer version best. Looking forward to checking out your Catholic blog!

    2019-12-05 15:23:13

    1. Hi Kristin, I'm sorry you are having trouble printing the new version! Did you try downloading it to your computer first, before printing, to see if that worked? I'll email you a copy.

      2019-12-05 16:36:06

  2. These are gorgeous!! I also saw your other ideas for chocolate coins. Are those files still available? You are very generous to share these with those of us who wouldn’t know how to begin to make anything so pretty!

    2019-12-05 18:39:23

  3. These are fantastic! Thank you for making the season beautiful with these delightful images!

    2019-12-06 14:44:11

  4. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing!!

    2020-11-30 20:41:40

  5. Thank you for sharing these! They're beautiful.

    2020-12-06 01:34:44


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