Friday, December 13, 2019

Santa Lucia Day in the Morning

Yesterday I had a really hard day, filled with multiple doctor and dental appointments, and I had no energy left to pull together anything special for Santa Lucia Day... but one of the girls stayed up late prepping for her middle-nameday and we all woke up to sweet songs and delicious treats! 🎶🕯

🎶Maiden so sweet and fair, 
Bright candles in your hair, 
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia!🎶 

Lussekatter recipe from Lucia Morning in Sweden

She’s loving her first Advent and all the special feast days leading up to Christmas! ❤️ 
#fourmonthsold #10lbs10oz #suchajoy


We have such a fun collection of books, dolls and decorations for Santa Lucia Day! 
This year I fell in love with the adorable dolls from Marzipantz! ❤️

Santa Lucia, ora pro nobis!