Saturday, November 9, 2019

Where's Waldo?

The boys sent me some pictures from Christendom's Halloween Dance and said that I could share them with you all! They ended up dressing up (with a couple friends) as "Waldo and Wenda" from Where's Waldo? and "Westley and Buttercup" from The Princess Bride. We had so much fun coming up with costumes while they were home over fall break.  Just six more weeks and they'll be home again for Christmas!


I love that I can spot Waldo (and Wenda!) so easily in the crowd! 

 I heard that Westley and Buttercup ended up with Honorable Mention (or was it 3rd place?) for their costumes in the costume competition. 

 And from Christendom Today.... "Where's Waldo?"