Sunday, November 24, 2019

Three Months

I still haven't been able to go back and share her newborn and baptism pictures... Maybe someday! I took these pictures this morning before leaving for Mass and just had to share them with you all.

As of this last Tuesday (Nov 19th) she weighed 10 pounds even! She watches me everywhere I go, at least the occasional times she allows me to put her down... She has been rolling over for a few weeks now, from her back to her tummy, and has the sweetest coos and giggles for all of us. She's pretty cute!

Updated to add the links: Cuddle + Kind Swan and A Swan's Tale Swaddle 


  1. God bless y'all. What a precious little one from God and I am sure a blessing to all of you. I only have boys so I never got to do the bows, ribbons, curls and dresses, Enjoy and Thanks for sharing your pics with us.

    2019-11-25 02:49:05

  2. She is such a pretty little darling!! You could just swim in those big blue eyes!

    2019-11-25 02:51:18

  3. She's adorable!!

    2019-11-25 04:16:16

  4. I am SO GLAD I stayed up late working tonight, just in time to catch your new post of this MOST ADORABLE LITTLE BEAUTY!! Thank you so much for making my day! If you weren't so busy doing EVERYTHING, you sure could make a bundle as a photographer! Brilliant photos!!

    2019-11-25 05:16:24

  5. God Bless, that's why they they say you forget all the pain you go through when you hold all this love in your arms!!! It's true! Happy 3 month Birthday sweet!!! God Bless!

    2019-11-25 11:04:30

  6. Oh my your Lily is a pretty pretty baby! Her dress is darling and so is the little friend she is holding. She has a beautiful smile. In an earlier photo I thought she looked like your little Bud but now I think she really resembles your Ranger. She is a little Sweetheart with such beautiful blue eyes! Precious photos. So lovely to see her.

    2019-11-25 17:54:12

  7. What a beauty. The sweetest smile. HAPPY 1st Thanksgiving Lily Marilyn,Joan and Marion

    2019-11-25 19:41:05

  8. You are truly a gifted photographer! Happy Thanksgiving and God bless your sweet family!

    2019-11-30 11:40:26

  9. I think the headband would be a perfect stocking stuffer. Might you add a link for where to buy that? It is just gorgeous!!! What a darling darling photo. God bless!

    2019-11-30 22:58:23

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately I don't have a link to share. It was handmade for her by her Godmother!

      2019-11-30 23:07:13

    2. What a talented lady! Thanks just the same!

      2019-11-30 23:28:50


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