Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Martinmas Lantern Walk

In A Book of Feasts and Seasons author Joanna Bogle shares that “the main festivity on St. Martin's Day especially in France and Germany is that of making paper lanterns and carrying them in procession.” Our family decorated glass jars years ago for our annual Lantern Walk on Martinmas.

Sometimes I really miss our old home, especially on special feast days. We lived there for over 18 years and left with countless wonderful memories. Lately I've been missing all the beautiful trees on our old property. As much as I love our new home, we only have a handful of very young trees... Even though we aren't riverfront, we DO have river access, so for this year's Martinmas Lantern Walk we headed down to the river to enjoy the trees, the gorgeous sunset, and create some new memories!



Martinmas Lanterns 🍂🍁🕯✨

"Allow me, brothers, to look toward heaven rather than at the earth, so that my spirit may set on the right course when the time comes for me to go on my journey to the Lord." - St. Martin of Tours


  1. Ok, you guys are so. Cool. I look up to you so much! Great pictures! Keep the Catholic homeschool mom inspiration coming!

    2019-11-13 14:04:24

  2. These are very special memories indeed! The lanterns are beautifully done and the children look so happy doing this fun Saint Martin activity with you. My husband and his six siblings had a subscription to "Treasure Chest" when they were children and enjoyed the comic books very much. Your little Rose's Celtic Cape is beautiful against your autumn background! Glorious sunset gift from our Dear Lord.

    2019-11-13 17:34:08

  3. Beautiful photos!

    2019-11-13 18:44:55

  4. Beautiful! For years I have wanted to do a Martinmas procession in Post Falls.... maybe one day!

    2019-11-14 04:41:11

  5. You make the ordinary extraordinary. Your family is so blessed by your love and creativity - as are all your readers!

    2019-11-15 06:12:45

  6. Gorgeous photos!!!! What a fun tradition.

    2019-11-16 02:39:19


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