Sunday, November 24, 2019

Interlocking Wooden Blocks

Interlocking BlocksMelissa and Doug Car Carrier and Magnetic Car LoaderMisc Die Cast Cars 

I always love seeing what gets built with the blocks... This time it’s a parking garage! 🚘

And... another day but still building with his blocks! 

These are the interlocking blocks from Nova Natural (we have two "Sets of 92" and they'd still love more!) made by Camphill Village Store. Our kids play with them daily! So much fun. 

What are some of your kids' favorite toys?


  1. These blocks look like lots of fun to play with. Your son is very creative in building! Our 7 year old grandson loves to play with farms and ranches and animals and pretends he is a cowboy and he dresses the part. Our 5 year old grandson enjoys super heroes and dinosaurs. The good guys always win! Our 2 year old grandson loves all animals especially puppies and he likes cars and trucks. And our only granddaughter age 4 loves to play babies and house. She is quite the little Mommy at playtime. She also is learning about princesses and likes to dress up in play clothes. My husband and I so enjoy playing all of these playtime adventures with our grandchildren. It is so heartwarming to watch their imagination flow! Childhood is such a precious time for discovery...

    2019-11-25 17:47:10

  2. Good job. Very nice building. Marilyn,Joan and Marion

    2019-11-25 19:43:04

  3. On a scale of 1 to Lego how painful is it to step on one of these.

    2019-11-29 18:32:22

    1. Surprisingly I haven't stepped on one of them... yet! I don't think it'd be nearly as painful.

      2019-11-30 23:08:45


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