Sunday, November 24, 2019

On the Last Sunday of the Liturgical Year

"We must live in this world, as if our spirits were in Heaven and our bodies in the tomb. We must live a dying life and die a living and life-giving death, in the life of our King and sweetest Savior." - St. Francis de Sales

Cathedral/Crown Cake with Lemon Glaze • The Catechism in Pictures 

Christ, King of the Universe, have mercy on us!


  1. When I realized it was the Feast of Christ the King today, I thought to myself, I'll bet Jessica's family made a beautiful Crown Cake to celebrate! I dream of getting that awesome cake pan one day ;-) Happy Feast Day

    2019-11-25 05:21:40

  2. I'm curious how you are able to explain or celebrate or whatever I'm trying to say (non sleeping baby brain here!) with both the old and the new calendar? We have been attending an FSSP parish for about a year now, and sometimes attending our local diocesan parish. I realized yesterday (we had planned to go to FSSP) that on the old calendar feast of Christ the King we were at the local parish, and so if we didn't go to the local parish yesterday we would have not gotten to celebrate the Christ the King Mass, so we changed our plans to the local parish. Do you just go ahead and celebrate both calendars? Any wisdom you have for me would be appreciated !

    2019-11-25 12:59:06

  3. Such a beautiful and delicious looking Crown cake for your celebration of Christ the King! I wish you a most blessed new Liturgical Year.

    2019-11-25 17:35:50

  4. The cake is lovely. You always are prepared for the special days. Marilyn,Joan and Marion

    2019-11-25 19:45:30


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