Monday, October 21, 2019

A Dr. Seuss Birthday Cake for Father Gordon

This past weekend we celebrated my husband's youngest brother's birthday! This is the first time the kids and I have ever lived close enough to celebrate his birthday with him so we were all excited when he agreed to come over for dinner! I sent him a text message the week before asking if he had any special requests.... 

I texted the boys a screenshot at college and they agreed: 
"Hahaha you could pull it off" 

Well... okay then! 

A Few Supplies: 

I printed out the image on a sheet of 8x11 paper and covered it with some wax paper. 

Starting with some black candy melts, I outlined the buildings, windows, stairs, and bridges. 

Next I mixed a little of the black candy melts into some white to create various shades of gray for the stairs and filled them in with melted candy. 

Next I added the blue to some of the roofs, buildings, and the bridge, making sure to make it thick enough to not break apart too easily.

The last color I added was all the pink, filling in all the remaining gaps and covering it all with extra to hold it together. At this point I slipped it into the fridge and had no idea if it was going to turn out or not... 

It turned out! 

When Father arrived, he apologized for being late and I said, "Oh, that's ok! It gave me time to finish your cake!" He laughed and said he had to come up with something impossible for me... but then looked towards the kitchen, spotted the cake and said "What?! You actually MADE IT!" 

Why yes... Yes I did!

He liked my little addition of the church as well, noticing the cross on the largest building. 


Happy Birthday Father Gordon!


  1. Aw!! This is so sweet!! Great job! XD

    2019-10-21 22:04:03

  2. JMJ You did an amazing job, as always, Jessica and I wish we were there to see the surprise on his face when he first saw that cake! Looks scrumptious, too! Lots of love to all of you. xo

    2019-10-21 23:01:10

  3. Omgoodness! Amazing! Love that pic of Fr with the cake and everyone’s reflection is in the oven door.

    2019-10-21 23:15:44

  4. Love it!

    2019-10-22 00:00:19

  5. Happy birthday Fr. Gordon and God’s mighty blessings!!! I love the joy capture in these picture. Praise God!! Deo Gratias!!! It is so fabulous how you use your creativity to bring such joy.

    2019-10-22 04:14:05

  6. You are amazing!! I wish I had that patience! Happy Birthday Father!!!

    2019-10-22 05:55:42

  7. WOW! You always amaze!!! You 'take the cake' for originality, elan, enthusiasm for making a day extraordinary, and artistic genius! Kudos to you, Jessica!

    2019-10-22 15:47:57

  8. Great job Jessica. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FATHER GORDON Happiness and blessings for you. Marion

    2019-10-22 18:20:48

  9. What a wonderful cake. Father Gordon wishing you an abundance of love,happiness and blessings. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Joan

    2019-10-22 18:22:53

  10. WOW! You sure did an excellent job on the birthday cake. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FATHER GORDON Wishing you a year of happiness,peace and blessings. God Bless Marilyn

    2019-10-22 18:24:39

  11. Truly a Delightful and Most Unique Birthday Cake Decoration! Jessica you have so much Talent! Such a lovely family birthday celebration for your special brother-in-law. So nice to see all of your family together for his special day...

    2019-10-22 19:00:49

  12. That's amazing! You are so talented!

    2019-10-23 18:51:16

  13. It is really wonderful how resourceful you are to execute such a thing. What a happy surprise for your brother in law’s birthday!

    2019-10-25 03:06:05


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