Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Puppy Paw-ty

Twice the giggles! Double the fun!
It's time to celebrate YOU because you're turning TWO!! 

Our baby girl turned TWO a couple weeks ago and this year we celebrated with a puppy themed pawty! We have never had a dog, but one of her favorite things this past year has been "Doggies!" She will often round up all the stuffed dog animals from around the house to carry around in a basket or tuck into her bed. Her brother bought her a little plush dog house with five puppies for Christmas and it is still one of her favorite toys. The puppy theme was pawsitively perfect for her! ;)

We dressed her up in favorite hand-me-downs from her now fourteen year old sister and I was able to finish decorating her cake while she took her afternoon nap.

We have never been able to get her to sleep in a crib (or rather our pack-n-play since we never replaced our crib - plus she is so strong she can scale the sides of anything and throw herself out!) but she does love her DockATot Grand for naps. Who wouldn't?! It looks so comfy! 


The girls and I had fun coming up with ideas for the party menu! 

Paw Print Cupcakes (Gluten Free)


Fetch (Pretzel Sticks) • Puppy Kisses

Pretzel Bark • Bark Thins


Puppy Chow • Ruff-age

Hot Dogs

Pawsta Salad 


The Chocolate Lab was her favorite! She LOVES "Chotlit!" and berries (and dipping things!) and being able to combine it all was so much fun! ;)



I made her cake with 3 - 6" round cakes, cutting the domes off of each, and then just decorated it with various colors of frosting. It was really simple to make and turned out pretty cute! 


We picked out two doggies - Charlotte the Dog and Noah the Dog - from Cuddle + Kind along with a white Strolley made by Ollie Ella for the birthday girl! The hand-knit dolls came with a couple free prints that I added to the birthday banner (reused from our Sound of Music birthday) for decorations. 

I hid her gifts in my bathroom closet but she managed to find them before I had a chance to wrap them up for her. She didn't care and was so excited!  


Her eldest brother/Godfather also had a gift for her when he got back home from work. He wanted to give her one of his childhood favorite things... Blues Clues! The card he made her was so sweet too.


We decorated with our collection of stuffed dogs Ostheimer dogs, adding a few new wooden dogs to our collection. She was so cute walking her doggies around the coffee table before bedtime.   


In addition to the Masses she had offered for her by her uncles who are priests, she was also blessed with a double rainbow outside our home following the rain!

"And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow." ― G. K. Chesterton


Father had been stuck at the airport overnight, after his second flight back was cancelled due to mechanical issues, but his flight finally arrived and Sean picked him up just in time to join us for the birthday girl to blow out her candles on his way back to the parish!


Happy 2nd Birthday!