Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Catholic Child and the Saints

My dear Child: The Saints are your Special Friends in Heaven.

They are happy with God.

They are most willing and most anxious to help you, and God is so good, He will hear their prayers for you. 

You must have your special friends in heaven before God, and you must often pray to them. 

You will wish to pray to your Patron Saint, to St. Anthony, to St. Aloysius, to St. Stanislaus, to St. Ann, to the Little Flower.


DEAR St. Therese, thou wert always good and obedient and always did the Will of God. Now thou art a great saint in heaven with God. 

Thy loving and tender heart rejoices to send down roses upon earth. O give me the sweet flower of a great love for Jesus! Pray for me that I may have all the graces I need. 

Excerpt from Jesus, Make Me Worthy - A reprint of the original can be found here

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Last Week of High School for our Two Graduates

 .: Inland Empire League District Golf Tournament :. 

May 6, 2019: Our whole family (and some friends!) went out to watch the boys golf in their final High School Varsity Golf Tournament. 

I'm SO proud of these two sons of ours. It wasn't easy moving to a new state halfway through their senior year. They had always played on the varsity golf team and even went to state last year... They had been really looking forward to going back to the Oregon State Championship this year. Moving to Idaho, joining a new team, and switching from a 1A/2A/3A school to a 5A school was a big challenge for them. They never had to worry about qualifying for tournaments on their old golf team. Here their new golf team had 35 boys on the team and only the top 5 get to participate in the varsity tournaments. It was a sad morning one day during the season when just one of them left to go to a tournament and the other stayed home since he hadn't qualified. 


They both worked really hard to continue improving and I was so happy that they both made the top five for the final tournaments and including the District Tournament/State Qualifier! Their team played well and came in third place in the district, but they needed to be in the top two to go on to state. They were disappointed but happy that they had improved since last year and that their current team score was better than all the teams back home in Oregon. High School golf has officially come to an end! 

Here is a photo of all three of our high school golfers, with their coach (who actually played against my youngest brother in college!), following the district tournament. The girls team also came in third place! 

.: Kolbe Academy :. 

May 9, 2019: This is it... They are officially done! I just finished grading and sending off the final samples and reports to Kolbe Academy for our two high school seniors! 🎉😭
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.: Carmel :.  

May 11, 2019: Beautiful Saturday Morning Mass at Carmel (James and John served together yesterday morning too. Perfect end to their final week of high school!) ❤️

.: College Decision Day :. 

Photos from Experience Christendom Summer Program 2018

May 1st was National College Decision Day. After months of discerning and applying to various colleges, not to mention working on financial aid and scholarships, the decision was finally made and we called up the Admissions Director on April 30th to put down a second deposit. 

Both boys will be attending Christendom College in the fall!

My due date is Monday, August 19th and Move-in Day is across the country on Friday, August 23rd. 

Please keep them (and me 😭) in your prayers!