Thursday, August 30, 2018

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Our beautiful girl turned 15 today!!



Most of our focus lately has been on selling the house and getting ready to move, but we took the day off and I was so happy to get to spend some one-on-one time with just the birthday girl.  Dutch Bros for coffee and tea, shopping for new clothes including a pretty new cardigan from Grandma, then lunch at Mod Pizza... It was such a nice day! 

Grandpa also stopped by for a little visit and brought us all dinner!
(Mexican take-out including flan for the birthday girl) 



She loved all of her birthday gifts! We had hoped to buy her a set of golf clubs (she is still using borrowed clubs from the high school which will need to be returned when we move) but that will have to wait for now... Instead, in addition to some new clothing from our shopping trip, she received a leather tote, pink wristlet, a journal and a water bottle. She also received a box of Reece's Pieces from her 8 year old sister, a lovely hand-embroider handkerchief made by her 13 year old sister, a new golf shirt from her dad (we all miss him so much but he was able to FaceTime from fire camp!), and lots of cards and phone calls from friends! She also received a card from Fr. Gordon (Uncle Jim) who said he'd be offering his Mass for her today ♥ God bless all of our holy and faithful priests!


Fourteen month old "Grace" was such a distraction during our family rosary... 😘🤗😘
(please excuse her pre-bath lack of pjs, this was just too cute not to share) 


Don't you think real flowers look so pretty on top of cakes?! 
I decorated a Chocolate Ganache Cake (Chocolate Cake, Dobash Fudge Filling, Espresso Butter Cream, and Chocolate Ganache) from the bakery with some pink roses for the birthday girl! 


Happy 15th Birthday! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

On the Solemnity of the Assumption

Assumption Prayer

Holy Mother Mary, we all rejoice with you today on the feast of your glorious Assumption into heaven. Long ago in the Garden of Eden, our first parents, Adam and Eve, we told that they would have to earn their bread in the sweat of the their brow, and that the earth would be cursed, bringing forth thorns and thistles. Now, after Christ our Redeemer has come, and taught us how to make use of the thorns and thistles of this life, and turn them into blessings, you, like Him, have been taken up body and soul into heaven, There, with your divine Son, you await our coming, and prepare a place for us. Mother Mary, it is a great comfort to us to realize that your precious body, the tabernacle of the infant Christ, is now in heaven with Him. Your being taken into heaven is also, like the resurrection of Christ’s body, a pledge to us of the resurrection of our own bodies. It is wonderful to think that these hands, with which we earn our bread now in the sweat of our brow, will, because of the merits of Christ, one day, with our bodies, be glorified forever in heaven. O most pure Virgin Mary, help us to realize this as we go about our work from day to day. Help us to have great respect for these bodies of ours, and for those of others because we recognize in them the temple of the Holy Ghost, and because we look forward to seeing each other, body and soul, with you and you Son Christ forever in heaven. Amen.

8th Annual Curriculum Sale Blog Hop

.: Guidelines for Posting :. 

Create a blog post with your gently used curriculum (and any other books/items) that you'd like to sell or pass on to another family, with pictures if possible.

Please add a link to your post, referring back to this post, so that others can find the link up. Using the linky below, enter the direct link to your post.

If you don't have a blog, CathSwap is another great option for selling your used curriculum. 

.: Please be Thoughtful when Selling and Purchasing :.

Out of consideration for everyone participating in the Curriculum Sale Blog Hop, please only request items that you intend to purchase and are able to submit payment for promptly, preferably within 24 hours, unless prior arrangements have been made with the person selling the books.

Sellers please update your posts with "sale pending" or "sold" when possible, and be sure to include your payment and shipping terms.

Purchasers, if you request books from a seller, please respond to their confirmation email within a reasonable amount of time. If the seller doesn't hear back from you within 24 hours they may decide to remove the "sale pending" and make the books you requested available to others. Shower of Roses is simply hosting this link-up and not responsible for any transactions that are agreed upon between sellers and purchasers outside of this blog.

The link-up will remain open from August 15-25, 2018, so be sure to check back for new links! I've added a button to the side of the blog which will be there for the duration of the link-up so this post can be found easily.


Thank you for participating!

Our 2018 Used Book Sale :: Moving Sale

It's time for the 8th Annual Curriculum Sale Blog Hop! 
You can find all the details, browse books for sale on other blogs, or add a link to your own post here.

We will be moving in a couple months and I really need to cut back on the quantity of books we own...  I wish I had another few months (at least!) to sort through all of our books, but as it is I haven't had much time between our teens' summer camps, house hunting, and preparing our home to sell. So far I've come up with five or six boxes of books to sell and have started to list them in this post. Be sure to check back as I continue to update this post throughout the week. 

If you are interested in purchasing any of the items in this post, please leave a comment listing the books you would like, along with your email address. (The email address box is part of the comment form here at Shower of Roses and it won't be displayed publicly.) I will send you a private email with your total, including shipping, along with my Paypal address to send payment.

Once invoices are paid, I will ship your books via media mail which usually takes 7-14 days. In the past I've always charged a flat rate shipping however this year minimum shipping is $5.00, after that shipping will be by actual weight/cost.

Please only request items that you intend to purchase and are able to submit payment for promptly. Comments are moderated, but I will do my best to approve/publish them as quickly as possible and update the post with "sales pending." If multiple visitors request the same book it will be sold to the first request. I'm also open to reasonable offers on any of the books listed and will probably drop the prices on anything that is left at the end of the sale. Thank you!

Note: Most links are affiliate links.

Saxon Math 3 Teacher's Edition, Asking $20.00  REDUCED $15.00

Saxon Math 1 Teacher's Edition (with Saxon Math 1 Student Workbook Part Two), Asking $25.00  REDUCED $15.00

Saxon Math K Home Study Kit including Teacher's Edition and Meeting Book, Asking $50.00 REDUCED $30.00 (sold)

Saxon Math Two Home Study Kit including Teachers Edition, Two Workbooks and Meeting Book, Asking $70.00  REDUCED $50.00

Saxon Calculus, ISBN 156577146X, Asking $50.00  REDUCED $30.00

Saxon Physics, ISBN 1565770056, Asking $30.00  REDUCED $20.00

Saxon Algebra 2 Teacher's Edition, Second Edition ISBN 0939798638, Asking $20.00  REDUCED $10.00

Saxon Math 5/4 Solutions Manual, cover is falling off,  $2.00 

Prentice Hall Physical Science, wear to cover, some creases to pages, Asking $10.00

Prentice Hall Chemistry, wear to cover, some creases to pages, Asking $15.00 each  (2 - 1 available) 

Prentice Hall Biology, wear to cover, some creases to pages, Asking $20.00 each (2 - 1 available)

Prentice Hall Biology Reading and Study Workbook A, some wear to cover, first chapter pages have been used, Asking $5.00 each (2 available) (sold)

Kolbe Academy Biology Answer Key, like new, Asking $16.00

Kolbe Academy Chemistry Answer Key, like new, Asking $16.00 (sold)
Kolbe Academy Lab Report Writing Guide, like new,  Asking $6.00 (sold)

Welcome to Felicity's World 1774, Asking $10.00 (sold)
Welcome to Molly's World 1944, Asking $10.00 (sold)

Meet Marie-Grace, wear to cover and pages, Asking $1.50 (sold)

Lanie, wear and dog eared pages, Asking $1.50  REDUCED $1.00

Saige, Asking $3.00  REDUCED $1.00

The Curse of Ravenscourt, Asking $3.00  REDUCED $2.00

Lea and Camila, Asking $3.00  REDUCED $1.00

Beforever Kit, Asking $3.00  REDUCED $1.00

Whistler in the Dark, Asking $3.00 (sold)
The Strange Case of Baby H, Asking $3.00 (sold)

The Illuminated Rosary Paperback Set, The Joyful Mysteries, The Sorrowful Mysteries, The Glorious Mysteries, and The Luminous Mysteries, very good condition, Asking $40.00 (sold)

2012 Catholic Digest Magazines: March, April, May, June/July, August/September, October, November, and December. Asking $2 each (or $12.00 for eight 2012 issues) (sold)

2017 Catholic Digest Magazines: April, May, June/July/August, September, October, November, and December. Asking $2 each (or $10.00 for seven 2017 issues) (sold)

2018 Catholic Digest Magazines: January/February, March, April, May, June/July/August. 
Asking $2 each (or $8.00 for five 2018 issues) (sold)

Treasure and Tradition, advanced reading copy/paperback, $10 each ( 2 available) (sold) 
The Soldier of Christ, very good (duplicate copy), Asking $12.00 (sold)
The Young Man's Guide, new (duplicate copy), Asking $13.00 (sold)
The Story of a Family, Asking $8.00 (sold)
Why Do Catholics Do That? Asking $3.00 REDUCED $1.50 (sold)
A Brief Catechism for Adults, Asking $3.00 (sold)
I Believe in Love, Asking $5.00 (sold)

Faith and Life Series 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, well loved but still useable, Asking $28.00 for set (sold)

OLVS Grade 4 Lesson Plans, Asking $8.00 (sold)

A Gift from St. Nicholas, hardcover, Asking $2.00 (sold)
Mortimer's Christmas (The top corner of many of the inside pages is torn off...) $1.00  (sold)
Nicholas (DVD), New/duplicate, Asking $6.00 (sold)

Latina Christiana I Set (Teacher Manual, Student Book, CD and DVDs), missing flashcards, first seven lessons completed in student book, Asking $25.00 (sold)
Saxon Teacher 8/7 Lesson and Test CDs, 3rd Edition, used for one school year, Asking $40.00  REDUCED $30.00

Core Skills: Reading Comprehension Grade 7, Asking $5.00 REDUCED $2.00 (sold)
Reading 5 for Young Catholics Comprehension, Asking $5.00 REDUCED $2.00 (sold)

Word Tracking High Frequency Words, Asking $2.00  REDUCED $1.00

To Know The Savior, Asking $20.00  REDUCED $10.00

Hope and a Whole Lotta Prayer, Asking $3.00 REDUCED $2.00 (sale pending)Captivating, Asking $4.00 REDUCED $2.00 (sold)
The Rosary: Keeping Company with Jesus and Mary, Asking $4.00  (sold)
In the Realm of Mist and Mercy, plus Lesson Plans, Asking $12.00 (sold)
Mary, Mother of the Apostles, Asking $8.00 (sold)
Why Children Matter, Asking $3.00 (sold)

Spring Meditations, Asking $5.00  REDUCED $3.00

77 Ways to Pray with Your Kids, Asking $8.00 REDUCED $4.00 (sold)
On the Other Side of Fear: How I Found Peace, inscription inside cover, Asking $5.00 (sale pending)
Style, Sex & Substance: 10 Catholic Women Consider the Things that Really Matter, Asking $5.00 (sold)

The Second Vatican Council, Asking $20.00  REDUCED $10.00

Reclaim Regret, Asking $8.00 REDUCED $4.00 (sold)

Turning Grief Inside Out, Asking $4.00  REDUCED $2.00 

The Telmaj, Asking $6.00  REDUCED $3.00

The Menagerie of Marsepink, duplicate copy, Asking $3.00  REDUCED $1.00

Finding Grace, Asking $6.00 (sold)
Paradise Project, duplicate copy, Asking $12.00 (sold)
She is Joan of Arc, Asking $3.00 (sold)
We Sing and Chant, Asking $4.00 (sold)
We Sing and Listen, Asking $4.00 (sold)

We Sing and Blend, Asking $4.00  REDUCED $3.00

Aesop's Fables, Asking $1.50  REDUCED $0.50

The Wind in the Willows, acceptable, wear to cover, and some writing on inside page, Asking $0.50 (sold) 

By the Shores of Silver Lake, Asking $2.00  REDUCED $1.00

The Adventures of Laura and Jack, Asking $1.00 REDUCED $0.50

All-of-a-Kind Family, Asking $3.00 (sold) 
The Doll's House, Asking $2.00 (sold) 
The Good Master, Asking $2.00 (sold) 
Jenny of the Tetons, Asking $4.00 (sold) 
The Tower Treasure (Hardy Boys), Asking $3.00 (sold) 

Nikola and the Monk, like new, duplicate copy, Asking $6.00 (sold) 
Saint Valentine, like new, duplicate copy, Asking $4.00 (sold) 
Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland, Asking $4.00 (sold) 
Lives of the Saints: The Middle Ages, new, Asking $1.50 (sold) 
The Virgin Mary Around the World, new, board book, Asking $10.00 (sold) 

Paradise by Fiona French, Hardcover, Asking $5.00 (sold) 
New Catholic Picture Bible, like new, Asking $6.00 (sold) 
Anointed: Gifts of the Holy Spirit, like new, Asking $12.00 (sold) 
Preparing for My First Communion, like new, Asking $5.00 (sold) 
La Biblia Ilustrada, like new, Asking $ 6.00 REDUCED $3.00 (sold)

La Bible en Images, like new, Asking $6.00 REDUCED $3.00

Jane Austen: Seven Novels, like new, Asking $10.00 (sold) 
The Original Girl's Handy Book, Asking $5.00 (sold) 
The Christmas Carol, Asking $4.00 (sale pending) 
The Adventures of Sherlock Homes, Asking $3.00 (sold) 
Pride and Prejudice, Asking $1.50 (sold) 
Emma, Asking $1.50 REDUCED $0.50 (sold)

Great Expectations, Ignatius Critical Editions,  crease across front cover, Asking $6.00  REDUCED $4.00

Marie Curie's Search for Radium, Asking $3.50 (sold) 

The Firebird, Asking $2.00 (sold)
Thunder Cake, like new, hardcover, Asking $6.00 (sold)
Sunlights, Skyscrapers, and Soda Pop: The Wherever-You-Look-Science-Book, $6.00 (sold)
A Penny for a Hundred, new/duplicate, Asking $5.00 (sold)
Sunshine and Showers: A Flower Fairies Handbook, Asking $3.00 (sold)
That's not my dolly... board book, good condition, wear to cover, some creases, $1.50 (sold) 

Daily Roman Missal, Bonded Leather, 1998 edition, Asking $10.00 (sold) 
The Easter Book, old hardcover edition, has a dusty smell, Asking $10.00  (sold) 
Holy Rosary by Josemaria Escriva, hardcover, Asking $10.00 REDUCED $5.00 (sold)
Child of God Prayer Books, Asking $4.00 each REDUCED $2.00 each (2 available) (sold)
Shorter Christian Prayer, Large Type Edition, Asking $5.00 REDUCED $2.00(sold)
Oliver Twist, Asking $3.00 REDUCED $1.00(sale pending)Saint Augustine's Prayer Book, leather bound, new (Anglican), Asking $10.00 REDUCED $5.00 (sold)

The End of the Fiery Sword: Adam & Eve and Jesus & Mary, new/duplicate, Asking $7.00 (sold) 
Into the Sea, Out of the Tomb, like new/duplicate, Asking $7.00  (2 available)  (sold) 
A Story of Saint John Bosco, new/duplicate, Asking $8.00 (sold) 
A Story of Saint John Vianney, new/duplicate, Asking $8.00 (sold) 
A Story of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, new/duplicate, Asking $8.00 (sold) 

New additions this evening - August 15th: 

All duplicate copies of books we own. Asking $1.00 each

The Way of the Cross for Children (9 6 available) 
Celebrating Lent  (sold) 
Mary my Mother  (3 1 available)
The Easter Story  (sold) 
Going to Confession (2 available) (sold) 
The Works of Mercy  (sold) 
The Feasts of Jesus(sold)
My First Catholic Picture Dictionary (2 available)  (sold)
My First Prayers
Book of Saints Part 1 (sold)
Book of Saints Part 4 (sold)
Saint Peter The Apostle (sold) 
Saint Patrick (sold) 
El Santo Rosario (sold)

The Holy See Pope Francis Coloring & Activity Book, Asking $4.00 (sold)
Mission Christian: August/September 2016, Asking $4.00 each (2 available)
Rosary Meditations for Children, Asking $6.00 (2 available) (sold)
Hug Me Jesus CD, Asking $10.00 (sold)
Holy Heroes The Joyful Mysteries, new, Asking $10.00 (sold)
Adoration: Favorite Eucharistic Hymns Sung by the Daughters of St. Paul, new, Asking $8.00 (sold)
Encountering the Poor, $2.00 (sold)
True Worship, $2.00 (sold)
My Secret Friend, DVD, new, $8.00 (sold)

New additions this afternoon - August 16th: 

Queen of Hearts by Mary Engelbreit, Asking $3.00 (sold) 
Love and Kisses, Asking $3.00
Bringing Lent Home with Mother Teresa, Asking $2.00
Pinkalicious: Merry Pinkmas!, Asking $2.00
Fancy Nancy's Elegant Easter, Asking $2.00
Crafts for St. Patrick's Day, Asking $5.00

John Mary Vianney: The Holy Cure of Ars, like new/duplicate, Asking $10.00 (sold) 
Roses in the Snow, like new/duplicate, Asking $8.00 (sold) 
The Great Hero: The Story of St. Paul the Apostle, out of print hardcover edition, very good condition, duplicate copy, Asking $10.00 (sold)
The Story of the Birth of Jesus, Asking $1.00 (sold) 
Mary Holds My Hand: A Child's Book of Rosary Meditations, like new, $10.00 (sold)
The Little Flower: A Parable of Saint Therese of Lisieux, like new/duplicate, $7.00 (sold)
Blessed John Paul II: Be Not Afraid (Encounter Series), like new, Asking $6.00 (sold) 
Saints for Girls, Asking $0.50 (sold)

Pictures in Cursive: Primer, Book A, Book B, Book C and Book D
Asking $55 for the Set (sold) 

New additions for this evening - August 16th:  The following are all mostly duplicates of books we own... I looked through all of them and they should be in very good to like new condition. I didn't see any coloring in them but might have missed if there is a page colored... Some shelf wear to covers. 

Design Your Own Coat of Arms, Asking $3.00 (2 available) (sold)
Life In Celtic Times, Asking $3.00 (2 available)  (sold)
Life In Old Japan, Asking $3.00
The Story of Christopher Columbus, Asking $3.00 (sold) 
Knights and Armor, Asking $3.00 (sold) 

The Way of the Cross Coloring Book, Asking $3.00 (2 available) (sold)
Cathedral Stained Glass Coloring Book, Asking $5.00 (sold)
Hidden Fur, Asking $5.00
The Triumph of Jesus Coloring Book, Asking $3.00
The Story of Easter Sticker Book, Asking $5.00 (2 available)  (sold)

Easter Coloring Book, Asking $1.00 (2 available) (sold)
The Sacraments Coloring Book, Asking $1.00 (2 available) (sold)
Coloring Book about Our Father, Asking $1.00 (sold)
Coloring Book about Lent, Asking $1.00 (sold)
The Mass Coloring Book, Asking $1.00 (sold)
The Commandments Coloring Book, Asking $1.00 (sold)

Coloring Book about the Rosary, Asking $1.00 (2 available) (sold)
Catholic Dictionary Coloring Book, Asking $1.00 (2 available) (sold)
Coloring Book about the Saints, Asking $1.00  (sold)
Everyday Prayers Coloring Book, Asking $1.00  (sold)
Coloring Book about the Holy Spirit, Asking $1.00  (sold)
Coloring Book about Mary, Asking $1.00 (sold)

St. Christopher Catholic Story Coloring Book, Asking $3.00 (2 available) (sold)
St. Pius X Catholic Story Coloring Book, Asking $3.00 (2 available)   (sold)
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Story Coloring Book, Asking $3.00  (sold)
The Rosary Catholic Story Coloring Book, Asking $3.00  (sold)

Our Lady of La Salette Catholic Story Coloring Book, Asking $3.00  (sold)
St. Francis Cabrini Catholic Story Coloring Book, Asking $3.00 (sold)
St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Story Coloring Book, Asking $3.00   (sold)
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Story Coloring Book, Asking $3.00  (sold)

El Rosario, Asking $1.00   (sold)
Navidad, Asking $1.00 
Saints of the Americas, Asking $4.00 
The Saints Vol 1, Asking $1.00 
The Saints Vol 2, Asking $1.00 
The Mass, Asking $1.00

Most Beautiful Story Our Lady of Fatima Coloring Book, Asking $5.00 (3 available)(sold)
Eucharistic Adoration Coloring Book, Asking $4.00 (2 available)
Pope Pius XII, inscription inside cover, Asking $4.00 
Mary Our Mother, Asking $2.00
My Rosary, Asking $1.00 
The Ten Commandments, Asking $1.00

Science with Light & Mirrors, like new, $4.00 (sold)
Science with Plants, like new, $4.00 (sold)
Science with Water, like new, $4.00 (sold)
Science with Air, like new, $4.00 (sold)
Science with Your Body, like new, $4.00 (sold)
Science with Magnets, like new, $4.00 (sold)

St. Francis of Assisi (comic book style), Asking $3.00 (sold)
Pioneer Days: Discover the Past with Fun Projects, Games, Activities, and Recipes, $4.00 (sold)
The Life of Jesus for Children, Asking $1.00 (sold)
The Lives of the Saints for Girls, Asking $1.00(sold)
A Midsummer Night's Dream retold by Bruce Coville, Asking $5.00 (sold)
Phoebe the Spy, Asking $2.00 (sold)
The Red Badge of Courage, Asking $3.00

Final additions, Monday, August 20th... I've run out of time for sorting through books! Time to get them boxed up and out of the house as the realtor is coming this afternoon to take pictures and list our home for sale... Still so much to do... 

Midwifery and Herbs, Asking $8.00

The Well-Ordered Home, Asking $4.00

The St. Michael's Refectory Cookbook, Asking $5.00

A Taste of Heaven (uncorrected proof copy), Asking $3.00 (sold)

Year-Round Celebrations (flip over for Christmas Cookbook), Asking $3.00

Celebrate with Fondant, Asking $3.00(sold)
Power Smoothies, Asking $1.00(sold)
Smoothies and Summer Drinks, Asking $1.00  (sold)
Cut-up Party Cakes, Asking $1.00(sold)
Cake Decorating Beginner's Guide, Asking $1.00 (sold)

The First Easter Bunny, Asking $4.00

Easter, Asking $3.00

The Best Thing About Easter, Asking $4.00 (sold)

Happy Easter Day!, Asking $2.00 (sold)

Dance, Dance, Baby! Board Book, Asking $1.00 (sold)
Won't You Be My Kissaroo? Board Book, Asking $1.00 (sold)
The Bear Went Over the Mountain Board Book, Asking $1.00 (sold)
Animal Babies Board Book, Asking $1.00 (sold)
Animal Noises Board Book, Asking $1.00 (sold)

Is the Fetus Human?, Asking $3.00

An Armenian Family Reunion (The Neumann Press, OOP) Asking $10.00

Liberty and Tyranny, Asking $3.00

These books are well-loved and worn. Cover on book one is starting to come off. They were my childhood books but my girls now have a new set of their own and I'm not able to justify the bookshelf space that they take... Asking $10.00 for set of 10 books
I won't be sad if it doesn't sell ;)  (sold)

Holy Heroes The Joyful Mysteries CD, Asking $6.00 (sold)
For Greater Glory DVD, Asking $5.00 (sold)

Window Stars, Asking $4.00

Kaylee's Choice, Asking $4.00

Chant Made Simple, Asking $6.00

The Last Battle (radio theater) new , Asking $15.00

Saige Paints the Sky, Asking $1.00

Father Martin and the Lost Book, Asking $4.00 (sold)
Brother Hubert and the Battle with the Goat, Asking $4.00 (sold)
The Lives of the Saints for Boys, Asking $1.00 (sold)
A Child's Book of Manners, creases, Asking $2.00 (sold)

Ben-Hur A Race to Glory, creases to cover, wear, Asking $1.00

My Mass and Holy Communion Book, Asking $2.00 (sold)
Mini Lives of the Saints, Asking $1.00 (sold)
My First Prayer Book, Asking $1.00 (sold)

El Rosario, Asking $1.00 (another copy - found more coloring books...) (sold)
Brother Francis presents The Saints Coloring and Activity Book, Asking $2.00 each (4 available)
Coloring Book about the Rosary, Asking $1.00  (another copy - found more coloring books...)  (sold) 
Popes Coloring Book, Asking $2.00 (sold)
Saints of Christmas Activity Book, Asking $6.00 (sold)

The Complete Book of Basic Brushstrokes for Decorative Painters, Asking $3.00

Exercises in Spanish Grammar (Homeschool Connections Class), $15.00

Kolbe Academy Physical Science Answer Key, $18.00

Our Quest for Happiness Answer Key, Asking $5.00 (sold)
Make It Equal The Math Game Book, Asking $3.00 (sold)

Ecumenism or New Reformation?, Asking $3.00

Escape from Scepticism, Asking $4.00

With Their Whole Strength, Asking $1.00

The Origin and Early History of Man, Asking $3.00

Communism as I Know It, $2.00

Is it a Saint's Name?, Asking $10.00 (sold)
The Story of a Soul, Asking $3.00 (sold)
An Hour With Jesus, Asking $3.00 (sold)
Treatise on The Spiritual Life, Asking $2.00 (sold)

The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Church and the World, Asking $1.00

These are all duplicates of books we own...

The Seven Capital Sins, Asking $2.00 (2 available) (sold)
The Wonders of the Holy Name, Asking $2.00  (2 1 available)
Catechism of Mental Prayer, Asking $2.00 (sold)
My Latin Mass Prayer Book, Asking $2.00
Confession Its a Fruitful Practice, Asking $2.00 (sold)
Devotion to the Sorrowful Mother, Asking $2.00 (sold)

Kolbe Academy Study Guides - All in like new condition:

Human Generis Study Guide, Asking $4.00
Out of the Silent Planet Study Guide Set Teacher Book and Student Book, Asking $6.00
Pride & Prejudice Study Guide Set Teacher Book and Student Book, Asking $6.00 (sold)
Romeo & Juliet Study Guide Set Teacher Book and Student Book, Asking $6.00 (sold)
Oliver Twist Study Guide Set Teacher Book and Student Book, Asking $6.00
The Merchant of Venice Study Guide Set Teacher Book and Student Book, Asking $6.00
The Screwtape Letters Study Guide Set Teacher Book and Student Book, $6.00 (sold)
Animal Farm Study Guide Set Teacher Book and Student Book, Asking $6.00 (sold)
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Study Guide Set Teacher Book and Student Book, Asking $6.00
Wuthering Heights Study Guide Set Teacher Book and Student Book, Asking $6.00

Connecting with History Volume Two Daily Lesson Plans, like new, Asking $15.00

Connecting with History Volume Three Daily Lesson Plans, new, Asking $15.00

Famous Figures of Medieval Times, Asking $8.00 (sold)

The Homeschool Notebook, Asking $12.00  (sold)
Managers of Their Homes, Asking $20.00 (sold)

English from the Roots Up,  Asking $15.00

Catholic Mosaic: Living the Liturgical Year With Children , duplicate - I have the older spiral bound as well, Asking $18.00 (sold)

The Good Shepherd & The Child: A Joyful Journey, Asking $30.00

These are both duplicate copies of favorite books in my collection...

Around the Year with the Trapp Family, OOP, vintage collectors edition, Asking $50.00 
dust cover missing, wear to cover, especially edges (sold) 

My Nameday: Come for Dessert, Asking $25.00 (sold) 

Check back throughout the next ten days! I hope to keep adding to this post as I continue to consolidate our book collection before our big out-of-state move.

Please leave a comment, or email me directly, if you have any questions. 
Thanks for taking a look!