Saturday, May 26, 2018

Baby's 1st Boat Ride

Baby’s 1st Boat Ride 💦 #thissideofthewomb {My dad gave us a ride on the river last May, a couple weeks before she was born, and it nearly put me into labor 😉 It was a much smoother ride on the lake and such a beautiful afternoon!} #grandpaandhisjetboat #klamathlake #funtimes #thankyougrandpaandgrandma

As I mentioned in my previous post, my parents drove out for the day to watch some of their granddaughter's Regional Golf Championship. They also brought along their jet boat!

Since our baby girl is a little too loud out on the golf course, Sean and I took turns watching our daughter play. I watched the first half of day one with the girls and then took over with the baby so he could watch the second half of the day. The girls and I ended up heading to Klamath Lake for a boat ride!


Amazingly our little Grace slept through me putting on her life jacket and then woke up from her nap out on the middle of the lake.

Our 13 year old loved having another opportunity to use the new binoculars she received on her (bird-themed) birthday last month. There were birds everywhere!


A little later the boys got to ride (and drive!) Grandpa's boat too. It was such a fun day!


  1. Looks like everyone had a good time. Joan

    2018-05-30 19:28:10

  2. Baby Grace is the cutest little sailor. Marion

    2018-05-30 19:29:39

  3. Hello! I was looking at your Little Flowers Club page from 6 years ago, and was wondering if you happen to remember any games that you did for the Hope lesson? Also, where do you buy those knee-length skirts that I noticed your daughter wearing in one of the pictures? We've been looking for jean skirts for those kind of skirts (Denim/jean) for my daughter, but the only skirts that are currently "in fashion" are skater-skirts. Suella

    2018-05-30 20:32:15

  4. It looks like every one had a good time. Marilyn

    2018-05-30 23:16:42


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