Monday, February 12, 2018

Reese's Valentines {with free printable}

We were going to try and come up with a book theme like her other sibling's who choose The Hobbit, Chronicles of Narnia, and Ferdinand themed valentine cards this year, but we were out of time and had lots of leftover Reese's from a recent birthday so we made these instead to give out at our homeschool group exchange this afternoon. 


You are welcome to download our printable Reese's valentines if you'd like to use them too! 


  1. I love the idea of a homeschool group. We have a lot of Catholic homeschoolers in my area but we do not have a group. I think it would be wonderful to have a group. What do you do at your 'meetings'? is it school oriented? how often do you meet? Any ideas would be great!

    2018-02-13 18:08:46

  2. Maja, I don't know what Jessica's group does (but would also live to hear!), but our Catholic homeschool group, with about 10 families, used to meet every first Friday for mass at noon and an activity to follow in church basement. The moms took turns leading the activity, and it was usually linked to some feast day around that day, such as a Valentine exchange, st Patrick's day, epiphany, Easter/lent, mother's day... In the last few years we got more organized and now meet every Friday afternoon for a co-op where we also take turns leading activities. We split out by age group, and do enrichment type activities (not main school subjects) for 90 minutes. I actually miss the once/month first Fridays with mass, but we were switching priests and the noon Mass for that wasn't going to happen at that point anyway.

    2018-02-14 15:03:30

  3. Yes, that is the same for the Catholic group here too. Years ago we would have planning meetings and would always meet for First Friday Mass and then activities or lunch/park afterwards, with other parties and field trips mixed in throughout the year too. Here is a post talking about one of our First Fridays: Over the years, with families moving away, kids growing up, and some unfortunate drama within the group, the group had gotten smaller and hasn't been as active as it when we first started homeschooling. There is one mom in particular who has been putting effort into hosting some feast day parties this year (All Saints, pre-Advent, St. Valentines), but due to the distance from our home, combined with how hard it has been for me to get out of the house with this baby, this is the first that we have participated in this year. A couple of my high schoolers ended up staying home since it was from 11:30-3:30 on Monday and they had some assignments due for their online classes, but the rest really loved seeing the other Catholic families. There is a part of the group (4-5 families) that has organized a Wednesday co-op. Our older children went to the co-op last year for Chemistry/Writing/Math. They always started the morning with Mass and then had their classes the rest of the day. We opted out of it for this year for a number of reasons, including the distance (we live the farthest away out of the families that participate).

    2018-02-14 16:11:16

  4. What a nice tradition, exchanging St. Valentine cards at the homeschool group. Marilyn

    2018-02-15 00:16:35

  5. Nice idea. Reeses are delicious. Joan

    2018-02-15 01:19:10

  6. Thank you for the printable. Marion

    2018-02-15 01:20:49

  7. What did you use to attach the Reese’s to the card stock/paper?

    2021-02-10 16:03:46

    1. I think we used glue dots, or maybe just a glue stick.

      2021-02-13 01:41:18


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