Saturday, February 24, 2018

Meet the Masters :: Paul Cézanne

We have been studying Paul Cézanne, Father of Modern Art, and finished up our unit study with an art project (Meet the Masters unit study from Track F for ages 10-Adult) this afternoon.  

.: Master Artist Introduction :. 

Paul Cezanne (say-ZAHN) French 1839-1906

Cezanne is known as the “Father of Modern Art,” because he emphasized color and shape over realism. His view of nature through geometric shapes was investigated and imitated in the children’s own “masterpieces.”

Art Activity Emphasis: Shapes, Still Life

Media: Tissue Paper, Starch, Construction Paper, Colored Chalk

Vocabulary: Still life, overlap, arrange, pattern, shadow, outline, composition

.: Art Supplies :.

One 9” x 15” white construction paper
A sheet of 12” x 18” newsprint (placemat)
Deco Puffs tissue squares (one each of blue, red, orange, gold, green)
Paper Towel
Colored chalk
Stiff flat brushes
Liquid Starch (We mixed 1 part white glue with 4 parts water) 
Scissors and glue

.: Practice Technique - Shapes and Patterns :.

.: Art Project - Still Life with Compotier :.

Additional Picture Book: 


  1. Budding artists. Marion

    2018-02-25 19:33:56

  2. Artists at work. Marilyn

    2018-02-25 20:04:40

  3. A nice way to learn and get interested in art. Joan

    2018-02-25 22:29:00

  4. Love it! Great job!

    2018-03-19 21:59:09


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