Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Eight Months

I can’t believe she is 8 months old already... She won’t keep her bonnet and shoes on, but she does love her kitty cat and watching her older brothers and sisters play basketball from just inside my bedroom door!

(size 3-6 months - she is still a tiny one) from BabyMyLove 

(medium) from JellyCat


  1. So adorable! God bless, blessed Lent and happy St. Valentine's Day tomorrow. :)

    2018-02-14 03:02:28

  2. Such a cutie. Marion

    2018-02-14 21:35:07

  3. She is so beautiful! Happy 8 months sweet girl. I would love if God sent us another baby girl, they have such cute things for girls. I have a 6 year old girl, and 4 boys ages 4, 3, 1.5 and 6 months. My daughter always says “I love our boys but I want 3 girls mom.”

    2018-02-14 21:52:01

  4. Those gorgeous eyes. What a beauty! Marilyn

    2018-02-15 00:08:07

  5. Grace is beautiful and loves her kitty. Joan

    2018-02-15 01:14:50

  6. She looks so much like her oldest sister, "Twinkle Toes"!

    2018-02-20 01:10:20


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