Monday, January 15, 2018

Life is the Most Beautiful Gift of God


Our oldest son was invited to attend the Archbishop's Discernment Retreat this past weekend. He ended up making the trip with a few local friends who were also attending the retreat. He made sure to pack along the latest t-shirt from our subscription to wear to the 2018 Roe v. Wade Memorial and March in Portland following the retreat. I was so excited to get a text/picture from friends who ran into him at the March for Life! He had a wonderful weekend and got back home safely late last night.

From the archives: Culture of Life Studies Pro-Life Prints is a fun and engaging hands-on way to teach children more about the dignity of every human life! You can read all about it in the archives: Day 1 - Preborn Babies, Day 2 - I Am Unique, Day 3 - Helping Others, and Day 4 - Praying for Others


  1. That is so cool!! Congratulations, Captain! Looks like the rally was a lot of fun.

    2018-01-15 23:14:13

  2. Nice going Captain. God Bless You. Marilyn

    2018-01-16 21:03:01

  3. Great Shirt and Great Smile Captain!

    2018-01-18 15:47:17

  4. I pray your son's retreat was a powerful one in discerning his calling!

    2018-01-19 00:09:23

  5. You must be so proud of your young man! He is a wonderful example to all teen age boys!!!

    2018-02-05 19:12:07


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