Sunday, January 28, 2018

Celebrating Epiphany

Out of the Orient they came ariding
Three noble kings, of humble heart and mild;
They came to see the Blessed Lord of Heaven
Descend to earth, to be a little child. 
Precious gifts of gold and myrrh and incense,
Bringing God the gifts which God had made;
Low the kings in homage bowing,
At the feet of Mary laid.

-  The Kings, The Christmas Book

January 6th:  I haven’t been baking much this Christmas, at least not since recommitting to 100% AIP on the 1st, but there will be a crown shaped king’s cake for Epiphany! #thanksforthehelpgirls

Happy Epiphany! 👑✨ {we are saving the cake for after Mass tomorrow since one of the boys had a high school basketball game over at the coast and didn’t get home until really late tonight - but we still had plenty of Christmas treats and a family movie night}


Stacks of gifts from the Wise Men - also saved for after Mass