Thursday, November 30, 2017

On the Feast of St. Andrew

Baked by his sister while I was at work and decorated with an X-shaped pretzel cross & fish cookies!

Dearest Patron, St. Andrew the Apostle, in baptism I received thy name and was put under thy special care. Oh, teach me to be like thee! Help me to avoid sin and to practice virtue. Be always at my side to guide me and protect me, and bring me safe to Heaven, that I may be ever happy with thee in the presence of God.  

St. Andrew the Apostle, Ora Pro Nobis! 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Thanksgiving Daybook

Outside my {parents} window...
Our beautiful mom with five of her six daughters on Thanksgiving Day 🍁🍂 The rain let up long enough for a quick picture outside.  You'd never know it by this picture, she always looks amazing, but our mom is recovering from a broken arm and still dealing with her brain tumor which grew a little more as of her last MRI. We are grateful that she has been able to avoid surgery so far.

I am thinking...
about Advent and hoping everyone is healthy again by next Sunday. Some of the kids were sick the week before Thanksgiving, then a few more were sick over Thanksgiving and ended up staying home, by this past weekend the rest of us were sick with this cold/flu-like virus. We all stayed home from Mass on Sunday and today is the first day my husband has made it back to work. Lots of bone broth, vitamins, and essential oils getting diffused around here!

I am thankful... 
last Thanksgiving we shared the news with the rest of my siblings that they had another niece or nephew on the way... this year we got to introduce her to a couple more of them! We are so thankful for this precious baby girl. She has us all wrapped around her tiny little fingers!

Learning all the time...
one of his favorite things to do? Stack ALL the animals! He has asked for an "All God's Creatures" birthday theme inspired by his favorite song A Place in the Choir. Any ideas?  :)

Celebrating the liturgical year...
November 25th is the feast of St. Catherine of Alexandria, a very special day in our home. We always bake heart shaped cake (or cakes) to celebrate. This year it was gluten-free chocolate cakelets topped with caramel.

"In Northern France it is a custom on St. Catherine's day to give heart-shaped cakes to unmarried women who have reached the age of twenty-five. The idea is to encourage them in their search for love (and a husband)." - Cooking with the Saints

Saint Catherine of AlexandriaA Story of Saint Catherine of Alexandria
Original Painting of St. Catherine by Sleightholm Folk Art
Bud (5) insisted that I take a picture of the St. Catherine block he went to find too! 

From the kitchen...
I needed to work the day before Thanksgiving so I asked our 12 year old if she wanted to get started on the food preparations... 30 minutes later... Homemade Cranberry Sauce that is AIP compliant!

Cranberry Sauce

  • 16 oz fresh cranberries (or frozen)
  • ¾ cup orange juice, freshly squeezed (about 3-4 oranges)
  • ¼ cup water
  • 2-3 Tbs maple syrup
  • Pinch salt
  • Pinch cloves
  • Pinch cinnamon
  1. Add cranberries, orange juice, and water to a saucepan over medium heat and bring to a boil.
  2. Let boil for 2-3 minutes until cranberries start to pop.
  3. Reduce heat to medium low and let simmer until sauce thickens and most of the cranberries have popped, about 10-15 minutes.
  4. Stir in maple syrup, salt, cloves and cinnamon.
  5. Let cool and then place in fridge to cool completely.

She loves to bake and is such a great help in the kitchen. She also baked a couple AIP Pumpkin Spice cakes with Gingersnap crusts, one to take to my parents and one to keep at home, and a loaf of Cranberry Bread (using her favorite recipe) to use up the rest of the cranberries.

I am working...
From home as much as possible. I do need to go into the office at least a few times each week, but I am so grateful for such a flexible job that allows me to work from home some of the time. I do miss the days of "just" homeschooling and having the time for blogging frequently and other hobbies, but the extra income has helped us pay off the Suburban and get back to being debt free other than our home.

I am creating...
Cinnamon Roll Turkeys for brunch on Thanksgiving Day after watching the parade! This year I did remember to pick up pretzels, but we completely forgot to use them! We used food coloring free Little Secrets and Yum Earth Candy Corn for some of the decorations.

I am going...
outside to calm the baby down with another walk and enjoying the sunshine before it starts raining again ☀️🍂🍁 #heretheycome We both love her Tula Free To Grow carrier. She's not quite big enough to use my other carriers without an insert (which she isn't a fan of) but we have gotten a lot of use out of this one!


I am hoping...
Santa Lucia day isn't until next month, but I had to make sure the sleeper I order a couple months ago is going to fit. It's still big, but it will work! I also have matching pink pajamas that I've been saving for a couple years for her sister! My favorite time of the year is right around the corner!

Pondering these words…
from Mother Teresa, Love: A Fruit Always in Season:

“At this Christmas when Christ comes, will He find a warm heart? Mark the season of Advent by loving and serving the others with God's own love and concern.”

I am listening…
I love it when Dad plays his guitar and sings. So do his grandchildren!

Around the house...
we are preparing to prepare... Lots of signs that Advent is about to begin!

One of my favorite things...
Chubby cheeks and baby toes ♥ So kissable!

A little peek at our Thanksgiving day...

Out of my parents twelve children, ten of us made it home this year for at least part of the day. We weren't able to get a picture of everyone all together, but we did get some pictures!


I tried to let my niece hold the baby but the first attempt didn't go too well. I told her we would try again after she nursed... Her expressions are priceless! 

Thank you, Father, for having created us and given us to each other in the human family. Thank you for being with us in all our joys and sorrows, for your comfort in our sadness, your companionship in our loneliness. Thank you for yesterday, today, tomorrow and for the whole of our lives. Thank you for friends, for health and for grace. May we live this and every day conscious of all that has been given to us.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

2017 Christmas Gift Ideas & Stocking Stuffers {Plus Another Sleighful of Giveaways}

It's time for this year's list of "Christmas Gift Ideas" and another "Sleighful of Giveaways" from my amazing and generous sponsors!  (You can the lists from the last two years here and here, as well as even more Catholic gift ideas listed in my past Easter posts as well: 100+ Easter Basket Stuffers & Catholic Gift Ideas and Easter Symbols: Catholic Gift Ideas.) 

In last year's Christmas Gift post I shared with you all that we were expecting a surprise baby! It's been a long hard year - between Hyperemesis Gravidarum (just thinking about it makes my stomach churn... you know it's bad when your children's letters on the Eve of St. Nick say "I want you to help mommy stop throwing up... because I know how it feels to throw up!"), debilitating back issues (which I'm still struggling with but are slowly improving), and adjusting to a challenging newborn - but we somehow survived and are all so very grateful for our little "Grace!" She is as cute as can be, but doesn't like to be put down much so once again I've asked our children to help me with this year's gift guide! Like last year, I had them each list nine of their past favorite gifts for me to share with you all. You'll find each of their picks below along with other favorites for Advent and Christmas. Even with their help this post has taken pretty much every free moment for the past couple weeks to finish the post and finalize the giveaway, but I'm SO EXCITED to share it with you and send so many of my visitors here at Shower of Roses gifts this upcoming Advent!

Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to enter the giveaway for a chance to win one of 29 PRIZES, from my generous sponsors here at Shower of Roses, with a combined value of over $2,500!!! Please keep these Catholic businesses in mind when shopping for gifts this Christmas! 

Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

.: Fun New Finds for Advent and Christmas 2017 :.

  1. Advent Candles: The last couple year's we've been using the 100% Beeswax Advent Taper Candles from The Cloister Shoppe but this year they are only offering them locally... Other options include: Big Dipper Wax Works (I'm considering these), Toadily Handmade Beeswax Candles, or Honey Candles. We also use these pillar candles in pink and purple for our large wreath. If you are looking for less expensive candles these might be a good option. Our children have also enjoyed this Advent Candle Craft Kit but the candles burn very fast. 
  2. The Wonder Story and The Wonder Days from St. Augustine Academy Press (These sweet books for children are part of a set of four by the same author, which have been lovingly restored from the 1920s originals. Intended for little hands, they all have large, thick, durable pages (not quite a board book, but a step up) and lots of full color illustrations. The Wonder Story tells the tale of Christ’s coming to earth as a little child; this story is then continued in The Wonder Days, which shows us His Hidden Life in the home at Nazareth.)
  3. Shepherds and Sheep from Naturally Catholic (This will be one of our O Antiphon gifts this year! I'm hoping to share more about the rest of our O Antiphon picks, along with one last giveaway, next weekend. It's such a lovely addition to our A Child Is Born Nativity Puzzle Scene and Three Kings Wise Men Puzzle Scene)
  4. Rooted in Hope - I haven't seen this in person but it looks lovely. "Specially created for Advent 2017, this beautiful book integrates Bible study, journaling, and thoughtful planning for the season."
  5. Nativity Cookie Stamp from Rycraft
  6. The Bayberry Christmas Eve Candle and Christmas Tree Creche Candle from The Cloister Shoppe (I also have this Peppermint Foot Cream on my wish list.) 
  7. Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring: Christmas with The Dominican Sisters of Mary (Our collection of music for Advent and Christmas also includes: Advent at EphesusAdventus -Tracks 1-5 for the First Week of Advent, Legends of Nicholas and Caroling at Ephesus.)
  8. FSSP Christmas Card Novena - These aren't new, we've used them many times over the years, but I wanted to share them with you all! I love that they are available online now
  9. The Christmas Book from St. Augustine Academy Press (Also available on Amazon here) - So happy to see this available again! We have an old OOP edition. "This book unfolds the story of the celebration of Christmas. Beginning with its gospel and history, the author leads us through the festivities of the Middle Ages, to the decline and eventual revival of Christmas customs in Europe and in America."

.: Fun New Finds for Advent Feast Days :.

  1. New Christmas Books for the Feast of St. Nicholas
  2. St. Nicholas Nail Polish from Lisieux  (So many fun colors perfect for all the liturgical seasons and holy days!) 
  3. St. Nicholas Holy Card or Wood Magnet from Portraits of Saints also available as a Wood Plaque (10% of all sales is donated to FSSP! So many beautiful saints to choose from!) 
  4. Wholesome Organic or TruSweets Organic Candy Canes (One of our children is allergic to Red 40. Love that theses are made without food coloring! I bought a couple boxes from Thrive. If you don't have a Thrive membership, here's my referral link to save you 20%! With how hard it is for me to get to the store, our membership has been a blessing!) 
  5. Saint Nicholas and Lucia Cookie Stamps from Rycraft
  6. Honeycomb Cake on the Feast of St. Ambrose - Here's a less expensive option (only $3.95!) on the cake pan we have.  Here's another option as well
  7. Lussekatter Buns and Wooden Christmas Candle to go along with the Saint Lucia Dress and Wreath from The Little Habit
  8. Lucia Sleeper and Long John Pajamas (Instagram: picture here and new customers can save 20% with my refer a friend linkYou can find our "My First Lucia Crown" here
  9. An Introduction to the Liturgical Year and The Way to Bethlehem (Available directly from the publisher.) 

.: Favorite Advent and Christmas Puzzles :.

Our family loves putting together puzzles during Advent and Christmas. 
Here are some past favorites that are still available to purchase: 
  1. The Invitation (Noah's Ark - perfect for with Jesse Tree) - more pictures in the archives
  2. Stained Glass Window Jigsaw Puzzle - similar to this one in the archives
  3. Glorious Nativity Jigsaw Puzzle  - more pictures in the archives
  4. Stained Glass Holy Night Jigsaw Puzzle 
  5. Forest Nativity Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle 
  6. Holy Family Jigsaw Puzzle 
  7. Heaven on Earth Jigsaw Puzzle 
  8. Stained Glass Nativity Jigsaw Puzzle 
  9. Midnight Mass (Our NEW puzzle find for this year! Can't wait to start!) 

.: Favorite Nativity Sets :.

These are some of the nativity sets our family has collected over the years.
  1. Mary on Donkey and Joseph Walking
  2. Nativity Set Cookie Cutters and Cookie Cutters tell the Story of Christmas
  3. Kurt Adler Wooden Nativity Advent Calendar with 24 Magnetic Figures
  4. Nativity Fabric Advent Calendar
  5. A Child Is Born and Three Kings from Naturally Catholic (New for this year: Shepherds and Sheep! So beautiful!) 
  6. Playmobil Nativity (we have an older style)
  7. Wooden 5-Piece Nativity scene Puzzle
  8. Childrens Nativity Blocks Starter Set and Deluxe Wooden Nativity Set from Almond Rod Toy
  9. Ostheimer MINI Nativity - I purchased some of the pieces during a sale early this year and am so excited to start collecting this beautiful wooden nativity.  I'm thinking about tucking a few of the pieces into shoes/slippers on the feast of St. Nicholas and maybe a few more into Christmas stockings. We'll see! 

As I mentioned above, our kids helped again with this year's "Christmas Gift Ideas" post. I had them each list nine gift ideas for me to share with you all. Here are their answers:

Please note: In addition to their stockings, our children usually unwrap three gifts from my husband and I on Christmas morning - something they need, something they want, and one other gift which is usually faith based. We draw names on the first Sunday of Advent for Christkindl and end with a family Christkindl gift exchange. It's always the first thing they want to do after our morning prayers (or morning Mass if we didn't make it to the Midnight Mass) on Christmas Day! They also receive a stack of books either on Christmas or Epiphany. The gifts listed below have been received over a number of different years/occasions.

.: Captain's Picks - Age 17 :.

  1. This Peanuts fan of ours jokingly started his list of picks by quoting Charlie Brown Christmas: "Please note the size and color of each item, and send as many as possible. If it seems too complicated, make it easy on yourself: just send money. How about tens and twenties?" - He won't be getting "cold, hard cash!" but gift cards for activities are always a great pick for teens... lift tickets for skiing, bowling, paint ball, ice skating, etc.
  2. Favorite Sports Team Clothing (He loves the beanie his Dad picked out for him last year - similar to this one or these. He'd love this Hooded Sweatshirt, but the price would have to drop... a lot!) and/or Sports Gear (ski mask, gloves, socks -- last year he got these Captain America Golf Balls)
  3. FOOD (Beef Jerky, Coffee and Restaurant Gift Cards, Gas Gift Cards - I'm considering some Subway, Red Robin, and Cold Stone Gift Cards for this year for our teens.)  
  4.  T-Shirts (He got this Coffee T-Shirt in his Back-to-School Schultute this year. He also has this Chemistry themed tee along with some great Catholic T-shirts including St. Benedict MedalThe Lord Be With You T-Shirt, and St. Patrick.)  New This Year: Get Holy or Die Tryin'
  5. Catholic Bible with Custom Cover
  6. The Brotherband Chronicles and Ranger's Apprentice Books (He doesn't know about the brand new release of The Caldera coming out this month... I have already pre-ordered a copy. Shhhh!) 
  7. Music CDs (Keith Harkin and Celtic Thunder are a couple favorites)
  8. Wish List: MacBook (He'll probably just end up getting a Flash Drive... though we do need to help the boys get laptops sometime in the next year and a half... before they head to college!) 
  9. Sacred Passion of Jesus Rosary from Loreto Rosaries 

.: Ranger's Picks - Age 15 :.

  1. LEGO Creator Expert Detective's Office - definitely his favorite out of all the Modular sets. He also loves Architecture and Creator sets. 
  2. Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife and/or Survival Hatchet
  3. DVDs: The Monuments MenValkyrieFor Greater Glory, The Count of Monte CristoLord of the Rings TrilogyThe Hobbit TrilogyThor, to name a few... 
  4. Catholic T-Shirt Club - The boys have really enjoyed sharing this subscription. One of their favorite shirts for the year is currently available without subscribing: St. Benedict T-Shirt
  5. ENO Hammock with Suspension System (He received the OneLink Hammock Shelter System for his birthday earlier this year. I got it for an amazing price - over 60% off - last year on Cyber Monday.) 
  6. St. Augustine Quote Mug
  7. Bose Mini BlueTooth Speaker  (Noise Canceling Headphones are still loved and used frequently by our highschoolers, especially for their online classes. They have this pair and this pair.) 
  8. Black Diamond Spot Headlamp
  9. Gnarly Tees Men's I'm Only Nerdy Periodically T-Shirt (I've been having fun picking out t-shirts for the kids this past year including some fun science related tees as they study Chemistry and Biology. Clothing is always needed and makes a great/practical gift - American Eagle Flannel Shirts, Dress Shirts, Slim Straight Jeans, etc - Watch for sales and I always make sure to click over from Ebates first to earn cash back on purchases!)

.: Twinkle Toes' Picks - Age 14 :.

  1. Marrying Mr. Darcy Board Game (She had a Jane Austen themed birthday this year and this was one of her gifts. The girls have really enjoyed playing it together! I'm hoping to surprise her with the Emma Expansion for Christmas.) 
  2. Jane Austen: The Complete Works
  3. Emma and Lizzie Prints from Sleightholm Folk Art
  4. Be Yourself!: A Journal for Catholic Girls paired with Gel Pens (check Costco) or Colored Pencils
  5. Who's Your Hero? "Heart" Premium Girly Tee (from this year's Easter Basket
  6. Catherine of Siena Quote Mug
  7. Heartland Sterling Silver Large Triple Slide Rose with Miraculous Pendant (she received this from her Grandparents for Confirmation this year)
  8. Kindle Paperwhite with Leather Case and Vera Bradley E-Reader Sleeve (great sales directly from Vera Bradley
  9. 24 Days of Clinique (She enjoyed this Advent Calendar last year after turning 13. I got last year's version at an amazing price on Cyber Monday. So much fun! Beauty Supplies in general are great stocking stuffers - Hair BrushCurling Iron, Manicure Sets, Burt's Bees Lip Balm and Lip ShimmerNail Polish, etc.
On her Wish list: When Calls the Heart Year 4 DVDs (She has the Collector's Editions of Season 1Season 2, and Season 3)

.: Chiquita's Picks - Age 12 :.

  1. Basket filled with a sketchbook, journal, watercolor crayons and water brushes. (She also loves Paint-byNumber Kits including Chickadees and Lilacs and Goldfinches.)
  2. Our Lady of Guadalupe Pillowcase
  3. Kipling Syro Crossbody Shoulder Ba(I had a little debate with the sales clerk when I bought this "so plain and boring" purse for my soon-to-be 12 year old, but I knew it'd be perfect for her and it has been. She loves it!) 
  4. The Chronicles of Narnia Box Set: Full-Color Collector's Edition (The Little House on the Prairie collection, audio, and The Little House Cookbook were also included on her list of favorites.)
  5. BibleCustom Bible Cover and Letter Board
  6. The Texas Panhandle Series: The Good LandThe Wide HorizonThe Wind Blows Free (They seem to be out of print but Kindle versions are available of the first two.) 
  7. Vera Bradley Grande Laptop Backpack in Northern Lights with matching Lunch Bunch (Even though we homeschool, my kids all use and love their backpacks - currently 50% off direct from Vera Bradley!) 
  8. St. Benedict Medal Bracelet
  9. St. Lucy Doll from The Little Rose Shop and St. Lucia Original Painting from Sleightholm Folk Art

.: Snuggles' Picks - Age 10 :.

  1. Playmobil NHL Hockey Arena with Zamboni Machine and favorite players (The boys are fans of all of our Playmobil, especially soldiers and boats: Soldier Boat, Viking Longboat, Royal Ship of Egypt, and Roman Galley)
  2. Will Rider #1: The Relic of Perilous Falls (He hasn't read book #2 yet.) 
  3. Cool Story Bilbo Navy Kids T-Shirt (to go along with his favorite book: The Hobbit: Illustrated Edition)
  4. Ostheimer Dragon and Black Knight on Red Horse (aka St. George!) 
  5. Zing Air Storm Fire Tek Bow, Red (An awesome birthday gift from Uncle Brian and Aunt Meagan. The older boys loved it too!) 
  6. LEGO Creator Sets (Beachside Vacation and Apple Tree House are a couple favorites.) Lakeside Lodge and the Van & Caravan are a couple favorites!) 
  7. St. Michael Archangel Missal Cover made to fit A Young Catholic's Daily Missal with his name embroidered on the back (He also loves his St. Michael T-Shirt.) I've mentioned it before, but it's worth mentioning again: Miniature Mass Kit and Baptism Set from Our Father's House (pictures of my son using his Baptism set here and kids playing Mass here and here. The boys also love all their vestments including their White Vestment Set from Interior Castle Goods.)
  8. What About Baseball Board Game (Definitely a hit! The kids all loved this game after he received it on his birthday this year.) 
  9. Hyper Tough 3+1 LED Work Light

.: Rose's Picks - Age 7 :.

  1. Fairy Tale Cottage Dollhouse with Wooden Ostheimer Figures 
  2. Playmobil Toys - We especially love our sets that came with miniature Advent Wreaths and Nativity Sets! Definitely worth watching for. You can find more pictures in the Archives: The Dolls Christmas
  3. Classic Red Cloak (also available in Celestial Blue, Teal Leaves, and Floral
  4. Rapunzel by Sarah Gibb 
  5. Her Baby Sister... and other Dolls, Clothing & Accessories (Saint Habits and Accessories from The Little Habit are favorites! She also loves her Therese doll, paperback book, and her accessories plus Sunday Best from Dolls from Heaven. I posted a review here.) 
  6. Princess Matching Game
  7. Jellycat Bashful Lamb
  8. Hape Happy Harp Kid's Wooden Musical Instrument
  9. St. Therese Fabric Doll from The Little Rose Shop (She loves all her St. Therese dolls including this Saint Therese from Trendzilly and a Saints n' Stitches pattern available here.)

.: Bud's Picks - Age 5 :.

In addition to our collection of Lincoln Logs, Playmobil, Thomas Wooden Railway, and LEGO, here are some more favorite toys that Bud loves and I would buy again...
  1. Ostheimer Noah's Ark, Figures, and Animals - Like all handcrafted wooden toys, these are an investment, but they are so beautiful and definitely heirloom quality. Last year I was given a generous Christmas bonus from work to put towards gifts and I splurged on these for the December birthdays and Christmas. We've added additional figures to our collection on Easter and a couple birthdays this year and I'm planning to add some more this Christmas. I've watched for sales and have ordered some additional figures them from Bella Luna Toys and The Wooden Wagon. They are played with nearly every day and I love seeing them around our home! Note: The Ark is huge
  2. Wild Republic 12" Red Fox (He actually doesn't have this but fell in love with it when I purchased it to give to one the seniors on his older sister's soccer team. I think I'm going to order another to give him for either his birthday or Christmas this year!) 
  3. Saint Blocks from Almond Rod Toys (and the rest of our stacking blocks... I blogged more about them here.) 
  4. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Folding Medieval Castle
  5. Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks (A gift from his Godparents - so much fun!) 
  6. Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Blanket Quilt- Rolling Hills 
  7. Leather Swords and Shields from Made by Alejandro
  8. Wheely Bug Cow, Small and Large (This has been a favorite for years. It's still a favorite. Eventually I'd like to get the Ladybug for Grace!) 
  9. Hand Painted Wooden Saints from Catholic Folk Toys (custom orders available - Tammy's hand painted saint dolls were the very first I ever saw online many years ago and inspired me to paint my Alphabet of Saints. I love her dolls!) with Miniature Birettas from Michele Quigley

.: Baby Grace's Picks :.

  1. Sugarbooger Silicone Teether, Matryoshka Doll
  2. Jellycat Stuffed Animals - She has this Bashful Bunny in Tulip Pink and Cream
  3. Pink Guardian Angel 
  4. Skip Hop Baby Treetop Friends Activity Gym
  5. Wooden Camera Rattle - Also pictured: DockATot and Grace Floral Hooded Towel
  6. FanFan the Fawn Teether  - We have Sophie but I think FanFan will be in her stocking
  7. Wish List: Double Pink Chews Life Rosary from Chews Life Rosary
  8. Tula Free-to-Grow in Blossom  - Best carrier I've ever had! She loves it too.
  9. Peek-A-Boo Forest Soft Book, Sir Prance A Lot is another favorite 

.: New Baby Picks :.

After getting rid of nearly all our baby gear, here are a few of the things that have made their way into our home since Grace was born.  Wish I would have had a few of these with the last seven!
  1. DockATot (hasn't been quite as awesome as the reviews, but I don't regret the purchase)
  2. "I love you most ardently" Pride & Prejudice Onesie 
  3. Moses Basket with Sheepskin Natural Baby Blanket
  4. Muslin Blankets including this Bamboo Muslin Swaddling Blanket, Hearts by Lulujo Baby
  5. Pack 'n Play with Portable Napper, Changing Station and Bassinet with Washable Bamboo Changing Pad Liners (love these liners!) 
  6. Little Unicorn Cotton Hooded Towel & Wash Cloth Set (also love this Grace Floral Hooded Towel)
  7. Calming Baby Bubble Bath and Soft Baby Bath Washcloths from Copper Pearl
  8. My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow
  9. Rock 'n Play Sleeper (Borrowed from a friend - so awesome!) 

.: Scapulars, Veils, Rosaries and More :.

  1. Black + Gold Infinity Veil from Robin Nest Lane
  2. IHS Devotional Candle and Rosary Flip Book 
  3. St. Joseph Rosary from Loreto Rosaries (A recent gift to my husband - he loves it!) 
  4. St. Therese Rose Earrings from Gail's Designs
  5. Hand Embroidered/Sewn Scapulars and Medals from StellaMarigoldArt
  6. St. Therese the Little Flower Rosary Bracelet from Loreto Rosaries
  7. Drinking with the Saints: The Sinner's Guide to a Holy Happy Hour (Another past gift for my husband! I enjoy reading though it. Great book!) 
  8. St. Therese Apron from Catholic Cuisine
  9. Crocheted Wool Rosary Roses from The Fig and Thimble (In the archives: Roses for Baby Jesus

.: 2018 Catholic Calendars and Planners :.

  1. 2018 Traditional Latin Mass Calendar from FSSP (Extraordinary Form) 
  2. 2018 Catholic Calendar - 160th Anniversary of Lourdes from Saints Galore (Extraordinary Form) 
  3. 2018 Drinking With the Monks from TAN (Ordinary Form and Extraordinary Form - I think I want to get my husband this one this year!)  
  4. 2018 Saints Calendar and 16 Month Daily Planner from TAN (Ordinary Form and Extraordinary Form -My husband and I both use this every year!)
  5. The Catholic Daily Planner™ from Michele Quigley (Ordinary Form and Extraordinary Form - I miss using this one this year!)
  6. 2018 Scripture Coloring Calendar from Someday Saints Designs (My 14 year old will love this!)
  7. 2018 Mary and the Saints Wall Calendar from TAN (Ordinary Form and Extraordinary Form)
  8. 2018 The Life of Our Lord Wall Calendar from TAN (Ordinary Form and Extraordinary Form)
  9. 2018 Angels Wall Calendar from TAN (Ordinary Form and Extraordinary Form)