Friday, October 27, 2017

Silver Falls Park on Michaelmas

It was a long 4+ hour drive to get to where our teens were going to be confirmed. Since Confirmation was scheduled for 7pm, with Benediction following, we decided to turn the trip into a little vacation! It's not easy finding affordable accommodations for a family of ten... We ended up booking two cabins at a (fairly) nearby state park to stay the first night following confirmation! It sounded like a good idea at the time (both cabins cost just a small portion of what hotel rooms would have cost) but I didn't really consider that we'd have zero cell service while in the park, and that I'd be spending the night in a sleeping bag with the baby, and walking to the outdoor bathroom in the rain at night... The baby did great though and it was a fun and memorable "camping" trip for all of us!

A quick picture taken at the campground before driving to the church for Confirmation ❤️
(A little blurry... I balanced my camera on the cabin deck railing and set the timer!) 

Sean and I were in one cabin with all the girls and the boys had the other cabin. The older boys slept in, but the little guys were up early and ready to explore!

Blackberry IZZEs and Devils Food Cupcakes at the campground on Michaelmas...
We had a nameday to celebrate!

At one point Rose was sipping on her IZZE, while watching a bunny and chipmunks run in and out of the blackberry bushes, and said, "I LOVE THE NATURE!" 

After turning in the keys to the cabins, we headed over to the hiking trails to check out some of the waterfalls before driving further north to spend the weekend with friends before driving back home.

The waterfalls were gorgeous! However hiking 3 miles, carrying a 3 1/2 month old, after a difficult pregnancy/not being able to walk much at all, in the rain, was probably not the best idea... It was so worth it though and I some how made it back to the lodge for coffee, tea, and hot cocoa! 🙌🏻


  1. Looks like a good time was had by all. God Bless. Marion

    2017-10-28 20:43:57

  2. The children seemed to have had a fun time. Thank You for sharing your trip. Marilyn

    2017-10-28 20:46:00

  3. Thank You for sharing your trip. I like the St.Michael shirt. Joan

    2017-10-28 22:33:32

  4. You sure are a brave and valiant soul - hats off to you!!

    2017-10-29 16:21:22


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