Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Lisieux For You

When we arrived home from our road trip Monday evening (I'm hoping to update the blog with pictures soon!) we found a pile of packages on the front porch, including one from Lisieux just in time for the traditional feast of St. Therese!

Kristen recently offered to send us some of their new nail polishes! It was so much fun to open the package, look through all of the beautiful colors, discover the rose bead rosaries from the Holy Land, and try the darling red hat on our baby girl. Thank you Kristen!


Nail polish is the only cosmetic you can see and enjoy without looking in a mirror and the girls and I love that all of the nail polish is named after the saints (including the Little Flower!), Biblical events, and Catholic tradition! (Read more fun facts here.)

Rose received Little Flower, Grace, and Magnificat

Chiquita received Water into Wine, Lord of the Harvest, and House of Gold 

Twinkle Toes received Cherub and Bambinelli  - I received Mystical Rose, Martha Martha, and Fig

We had a pretty full day, and Rose wasn't feeling very well, but in between school work and leaving for sports/office I painted her fingers with the pretty pink Little Flower polish as we celebrated her nameday!

She also sent a darling little hat for Grace which matches the pretty red St. Nicholas polish perfectly!
(Hint: The St. Nicholas polish would make a perfect stocking stuffer in a couple months!)

I really love this idea for nail polish and look forward to many more fun afternoons with my girls trying out all the lovely colors.

Be sure to check out their website! You can also follow them on Instagram or Facebook for updates.

St. Therese of Lisieux, pray for us!


  1. Thank you for sharing this! It is a brilliant idea-those awful names on nail polish can be easily avoided when there is such a pleasant alternative. The colors are so pretty! God bless you!

    2017-10-04 23:56:56

  2. What a sensational idea - revamp beauty products in a godly fashion! And what gorgeous colors and lovely names for them, too. I hope they have great success in this endeavor. And THAT BABY in THAT HAT!! How can anyone be so beautiful?!

    2017-10-05 04:33:35

  3. I couldn't pick a favorite they are all so pretty. Thank You for sharing. Marilyn

    2017-10-05 20:29:08

  4. This is so great. I clicked on blue color and I saw Lourdes as a choice;so I now know what color to pick. Happy feast day Rose. Grace is adorable in that hat. Marion

    2017-10-05 20:31:14

  5. This is a sweet post...such a thoughtful gift for you and your daughter. How blessed Baby Grace is to have three big sisters to teach her all about the Ladylike things in life. I so agree with Kelly and Karen's comments. These are such lovely names for nail polish. Baby Grace's new bonnet is so precious on her.

    2017-10-11 19:16:40


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