Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Our Lady of Fatima {100 Years Later}

Again on September 13, she appeared to them...

... "Keep saying the Rosary," she said, "
so that the war will end soon." The children made many more sacrifices, to convert sinners and to please God...

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!


  1. Thank you for this blessed reminder for today. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us ~ please!

    2017-09-14 03:58:44

  2. Thank You for post on Our Lady Of Fatima. The book is beautiful. Marion

    2017-09-14 21:28:12

  3. What a lovely book. This is an inspiring post. Lady of Fatima pray for us. Marilyn

    2017-09-14 23:30:44

  4. Thank you for the inspiring post! And where do you get the adorable little dolls? Like the one that was sitting on the cake stand with the cupcakes.

    2017-09-15 01:16:18

    1. Thank you, Angie! The St. Teresa of Calcutta doll is from Catholic Folk Toys (affiliate link: ). I've been ordering the hand-painted dolls from Tammy for nearly ten years now and she always does such a beautiful job! I also love the saint blocks from Almond Rod Toys (affiliate link: ) that were also pictured in that post.

      2017-09-15 02:48:25


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