Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sponsor Love :: Quarterly Update & Current Specials

Wow!  The last few months have been such a rollercoaster of emotions for our family, with the death of my dear father-in-law and the birth of our beautiful little "Grace"... I can't believe it is already August!

The 7th annual blog hop I host here at Shower of Roses is a great place to sell your used books and it's coming up this Friday. Get your blog posts ready to link up!

It's time for another quarterly update on all my amazing sponsors here at Shower of Roses. I have a couple new advertisers to introduce you to this quarter, a couple new affiliates, as well as some also great coupon codes to share - including one for a free Erie Canal project!

Please welcome my new sponsors:

Catholic Teen Books is a lay organization of authors committed to the writing and promotion of exciting novels for Catholic teens, in the hope of counteracting the anti-God culture that permeates society today and leaves young adults with very few wholesome literature choices. 

Every book on this site is either written by​ a Catholic, has a Catholic publisher, ​or contains Catholic characters or a Catholic message. Every book featured reflects the beauty of the Catholic faith and in some way raises the heart and mind to God, instead of dragging souls downward. ​​

"Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity" ~G.K. Chesterton

Some of the books we have read and enjoyed include A Single Bead by Stephanie Engelman and the saint novels by author Susan Peek. We look forward to checking out more of the titles!

Visit Catholic Teen Books often for new authors, books, and more. Be sure to check back here later this month or next for a Back-to-School giveaway! 

+ + +

Hair Bows 4 Life was founded May 2009 in Honor of Our Blessed Mother. Maria Cecilia Escobedo, a Cuban American home-school mother of 9 children, 4 as little saints, started to make hair-bows for her girls. She was inspired to make and sell these bows to families that will enjoy seeing them on God " Precious" daughters. 

Being a Christ center company, we are aiming to use our bows to raise awareness and support for the unborn and sanctity of human life by giving back at least 10% of each sale into the Pro-life community! Giving mothers of all stages of life, background, and faith a chance to support their child in this world.

Browse through the great selection of Saint Bows, Feast Days & Holidays, Group Bows, Flowers, Baptismal Bow, Pro-Life Bows, Bows & Book Sets, First Holy Communion Bow, Blessed Mother Bows, Boy Bow Ties, and more!

FREE SHIPPING on any size order with coupon code: ROSES   
Click here to Subscribe for the latest in blog updates, sales, and giveaways. You can also follow Hair Bows 4 Life on Facebook and Instagram

Introducing my new affiliates:

I have been a fan of IEW for years!  We have happily used Phonetic Zoo, Student Writing Intensive, the continuation courses (A, B, and C), The Elegant Essay, Speech Boot Camp, Teaching the Classics, Windows to the World, Fix It! Grammar, Primary Arts of Language: Reading and Writing and more.

I'm excited that they finally have an affiliate program and hope to go back through the blog and update links. In the meantime, you can find our affiliate link here in this post and over in the sidebar listed with the rest of our affiliate accounts.

+ + +

We have always loved the Record of Time Timeline Books and History Lap Books from Homeschool in the Woods. You can find pictures of some of the lap books we have completed in the archives including: New World Explorers, Colonial Life, American RevolutionThe Early 19th Century Unit Study and Lap Book, Civil War, Industrial Revolution-Great Depression, and U.S. Elections.

Right now Homeschool in the Woods is offering a small project on the 200th anniversary of the Erie Canal for FREE through the end of the month (August 2017). All you need to do is go to the a la carte page, scroll to the project, add it to cart, and use the code: "ALACARTE" and you'll get it for free!

A couple of my children completed the Erie Canal project back in 2013 while creating The Early 19th Century Unit Study and Lap Book.

+ + +

A special THANK YOU 
to all my continuing sponsors! 

Prayer Pillowcases
... more than just a pretty place to lay your head! They're a unique way to bring Catholic art and prayer into your home. And a practical way to share the Faith with your family and friends. Our distinctive line combines original art and favorite Catholic prayers that appeal to all ages and transform pillows from the ordinary to the divine! Honor a special occasion or make any occasion special with the gift of a joyful, lasting (and personalizable) Prayer Pillowcase. We're always working on new designs and hope you'll visit again soon to see even more ways to help your loved ones begin and each day with a prayerful heart.

Don't forget Prayer Pillowcases for your school, church, and youth group fundraisers

St. Philomena Feast Day: August 11th

Get FREE PERSONALIZATION at Prayer Pillowcases 

during the month of August with coupon code: Happyrose 
Great for early Christmas shopping! 

+  +  + 

Catholic Child

"Our goal is to help you find the finest resources to help you nurture the faith of your Catholic child and strengthen him or her for the challenges of the journey ahead. Each one of the hundreds of items you find here has been chosen by us with care, reviewed for faith and quality, and has been child and parent approved. When you buy from Catholic Child Catalog you are supporting an independently owned, personally run business that remains committed to searching out products to guide, inspire and delight the young Catholics in your life."

SAVE 20% on all orders at Catholic Child through August 15th with coupon code: Roses20

+  +  + 

American Life League's Culture of Life Studies Program (CLSP) 

Celebrate Feast Days the Pro-Life Way!
As you plan your school year, let American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program help you bring a new twist to celebrating the saints’ feast days. We offer a growing library of lessons on the lives of heroic saints who lived out the gospel of life in a profound way. Pro-life themes are woven throughout each lesson. Even better, most lessons take less than an hour to complete and come with fun bonuses like crossword puzzles, craft ideas, and coloring pages!

Peruse our offerings here and don't forget, Shower of Roses readers can always get 20% off their entire order using the code: ROSES20

+ + + 

An international community of young priests known as The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, or "The Fraternity" as they have lovingly been referred to, includes some of today's most skilled and committed singers of Gregorian chant. The community has been preparing to present ancient melodies anew, on the album Requiem, to be released on May 12, 2017 through their new international collaboration with De Montfort Music/Sony Classical...

+  +  +

Gail's Designs

Gail's Designs has been creating unique, elegant jewelry and cherished rosaries since 2009. Gail has been an artist for most of her life and is grateful for her faith and being able to make elegant jewelry and cherished rosaries for people of the Catholic faith.

In addition to the website, you can also follow Gail's Designs on Facebook and Instagram for updates and new designs!

+  +  + 

Behold Publications, LLC

"Behold Publications, LLC is more than just a publisher! Family owned and operated since its founding in 1999, we have developed great Catholic clubs like the Little Flowers Girls' Club and Blue Knights Catholic Boys' Clubs for Catholic girls and boys ages 5 and up."

+ + +

Peanut Butter & Grace
The mission of Peanut Butter & Grace is to help Catholic parents raise children who know and love Christ and his Church. We do this by providing digital and print resources that assist parents in forming their children in the faith within the daily life of their family. All of our products are made for Catholic parents—either to use themselves, or to hand to their kids.


"We recently released I Can Be Happy, Too, a children's picture book that ties self-control and emotions awareness into Scripture...as well as Blessed Is the Fruit of Thy Womb: Rosary Meditations for Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss--a title that has been very well received, and clearly fills a real need." ... More new products coming soon!

Offering free shipping on orders of $10 or more, 
a 45-day return policy, and secure payment via Amazon, 
credit card, Paypal, or check.

+  +  +

Kolbe Academy 
"Kolbe Academy was founded in 1980 by three families who experienced first-hand the rapid decline of the public school system and who were looking for a wholesome, academically challenging educational environment. The founders anticipated the need to form young Catholic citizens who could effectively defend their Faith through a thorough understanding of doctrine and regular reception of the Sacraments. They also foresaw the growing need for better, more individualized and intensive instruction in basic education. Kolbe Academy Home School became an outgrowth of the day school in 1993 when parents who lived too far away to commute asked for our help with home schooling their children. Recently Kolbe Academy merged with Trinity Grammar and Prep to become Kolbe Academy/Trinity Prep, which educates students from Pre K through high school. With a focus on providing an education that is Ignatian in MethodClassical in Content and Loyal to the Magisterium in a small-class size environment or at home, Kolbe Academy continues to thrive."

In addition to visiting Kolbe Academy's website, you can also check out their online courses and follow them over at Facebook or Twitter for updates and specials! 

+ + + 

"Give Him 5 Ministries is about falling in love with Jesus! Just as Jesus Christ is the center of our Catholic faith, He is also meant to be the center of our daily lives. Give Him 5 provides people with the encouragement and tools they need to ignite their prayer life and to fall deeply in love with the Lord. Give Him 5 Prayer bags make wonderful gifts."

In addition to visiting the website, you can also follow Give Him 5 over on Facebook and Instagram!

+  +  + 

Specializing in high quality veils and mantillas for ladies and girls. Robin is a Catholic mother of 15 ( 7 with Our Lord ) who spends her days serving, loving, praying, and sewing. Robin started making veils for her daughters and wanted to share with others. She truly loves creating veils to serve Our Lord!

Right now you can SAVE 15% off your order with coupon code: IVEIL2017

+ + +

Offering Catholic books, 
gifts, homeschool curriculum 
at discount prices!

+  +  + 

Almond Rod Toys

Almond Rod Toys makes Saint Blocks that are just the right size for little hands and can be used for imaginative play, building, stacking or collecting. The front has a print of original watercolor artwork. The back has a quote or a prayer chosen to inspire little ones and the one that cleans up behind them. The saint's name, feast day and patronage are also listed; just enough to be a reminder and an inspiration for further learning.

Visit Almond Roy Toys at Etsy and follow the Facebook page!

+ + +

"Et Corde means "open heart". I create rosaries, bracelets and necklaces using the hand wire wrap technique with beautiful antique reproduction medals. I hope that my pieces can be an heirloom that can be passed down in your family." 

+ + +

Catholic Cuisine Aprons
All of our aprons are embroidered, not screen printed, giving them a rich, elegant, look! Our durable 100% cotton-twill aprons, with soil-release finish for added stain protection, provide ultimate full length cover and comfort.

Visit the Catholic Cuisine Apron page to order! 

+ + +

If you are interested in advertising at Shower of Roses

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all of my sponsors and visitors for your support! May God bless you all! 


  1. Sorry for your rollercoaster of emotions but you seem to handle it all so well! You are such a good example! I know you are extremely busy but was wondering if you could provide a little information about the IEW writing program? I have neglected writing with my younger children (seen when my daughter entered Kolbe Academy for 9th grade this year) and need to add it back into our homeschool curriculum. I am trying to decide between IEW and Classical Composition by Memoria Press. Any advice is appreciated as I respect your opinion and could really use some help since it school is starting up soon! Trying to keep costs to a minimum as well so it is not an easy decision. God bless you and beautiful Baby Grace... I enjoy seeing the pictures of her as I miss those days (my youngest is now 8!). Enjoy her and the rest of your summer with your beautiful family. God bless you and thank you for all your help.

    2017-08-02 01:51:41

  2. Thank you for the informative list. I will be checking out some of the products. I especially like those hair bows. Marilyn

    2017-08-02 20:37:44

  3. These sponsors look very interesting. I will be looking into the Catholic Books for teenagers as well as the bows 4 Life. Thank You Marion

    2017-08-02 21:27:30

  4. After all these years, you're still one of my most favorite bloggers, in part because of all of the great companies I've discovered here. My once-a-year blog is ready to go for tomorrow!

    2017-08-03 20:35:51

  5. Hello Jessica. This comment is somewhat unrelated to this post, but I am in need of your guidance :). May I ask where you shop for your older girls clothing? I am so frustrated, now that our girls are growing bigger, with what is offered in fashion, if you can call it that! I have made them a few skirts, but find I don't have the time to keep up with their growing. Any suggestions you might have would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    2017-08-03 21:54:27


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