Saturday, June 3, 2017

Murphy Family Reunion

All of my siblings are in town this weekend for a Murphy family reunion! It's the first time all 12 of us have been together at the same time in over 13 YEARS! I figured this would be the day I'd go into labor... #murphyslaw ... but I made it and we were even able to get some family photos including a fun reenactment of one from 21 years ago! #ilovemycrazyfamily #firstbornoftwelve #sixgirlssixboys

Here is one with us all lined up by age starting with the youngest...

... and one more with husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, and all but four of the grandchildren. 

While the cameras were out we got a family picture too! Sean and our oldest son have arrived back home again after spending 2 1/2 weeks in Arizona caring for my father-in-law, who is currently suffering greatly due to rapid stage 4 cancer. I'm so sad he had to leave, but also relieved that he will be here for the birth of our little girl whenever she decides to arrive.


  1. Oh I just love the reenactment photo!!! So makes me smile :-) Such a shame four grandchildren were missing! but wonderful most were there. Thanks for sharing :-)

    2017-06-10 07:33:01

  2. God is so GREAT! Beautiful family.

    2017-06-10 11:02:59


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