Friday, June 16, 2017

Instagram Recap & Other Special Moments

June 9th • Day 2

On their way out of town, after sending the five and seven year old to Grandpa & Grandma's house for a couple nights, Daddy and the five big kids stopped to say bye and see the baby one more time! 

One of the nurses (they were all amazing!) actually offered to drive me home after her shift, once the baby and I were both discharged on the 10th, but my sister-in-law volunteered.  Our new little one was also given a darling bunny from her cousin and Uncle Brian came to visit too, bringing along my prescription for me so I wouldn't need to pick it up! 

These three pictures were actually from the day she was born, but I didn't include them in my last post. My midwife (pictured on the left - she delivered our first six but was out of town for the birth of number seven) came to see us, even though I saw a doctor/specialist for this pregnancy. Great Aunt Bridget also stopped by to meet her newest niece. 

June 10th • Day 3

Grandpa and Grandma stopped by with our other little ones to say hello after the baby and I got back home, then they kept Rose & Bud at their home for one more night.

June 11th • Day 4

Grandpa & Grandma brought home our other little ones and stayed for a short visit. Uncle Scott and Uncle Paul stopped by to meet the baby too. 

She wasn't quite sure what to think of Uncle Scott! ;) 

Instagram: Between outfits, but we wanted to make sure and pray the holy rosary right at 7:00 PM tonight, for the soul of their grandfather, even though we couldn't be at his wake down in Arizona with the rest of the family. 🌹🙏🏻❤️ #babysfirstrosary #prayersforgrandpa #requiescatinpace

June 12th • Day 5

Instagram: Processing payroll with my new little helper... So glad that I was able to get set up to work part-time from home, instead of always at the office, especially since I never got around to training a temporary replacement for once baby arrived. 💕#workingfromhome #corporatesecretaryandbookkeeper

June 13th • Day 6

Instagram: This morning I did the best I could to hide my exhaustion with my first shower since being discharged from the hospital and some makeup... Didn't last long though, since I was in tears once again shortly after making the drive and arriving at the pediatrician's with my three little ones. Baby's bilirubin levels were high enough to require a trip back to the hospital for additional blood work (thankfully the numbers came back a little lower and we didn't need to be admitted) and her weight has continued to drop despite having plenty of milk and nursing 27-29 times every 24 hours... (Haven't slept more than an hour at a time since her birth...) She is now weighing just 6 lbs 1 oz. She's so tiny! The goal for the rest of today is to get her back into some filtered sunlight and to try my best to rest and reduce my stress levels in the hopes of a better milk supply. We head back to the pediatrician's tomorrow. Say a prayer that her weight starts to climb back up!

June 14th • Day 7

Instagram: Soaking up some sunshine ☀️ 
#fightingjaundice #filteredsunlight #mosesbasket #bigsisterlittlesister


Instagram: It started out hard, but today ended up being such a better day than yesterday. Thank you all so very much for the prayers, encouragement and support! ❤️ I met with a lactation consultant for an hour and a half and we have a plan to help with all the nursing challenges. Baby's jaundice is continuing to improve, she weighed 6 lbs 2 oz (up an ounce from yesterday, then up another ounce after nursing), and we won't need to go back until her 2 week check up next Wednesday. SUCH a relief! My dad stopped by around lunch time and caught up all our dishes from the week, I got a heavenly little nap, and then my mom came over to watch the other two while baby and I went to the appointments. I'm not very good at asking for or accepting help, but my mom keeps insisting (despite her own busy schedule - there always seems to be at least one of us 12 kids that needs something!) and I really don't know how I would have survived without it the past month - before I delivered (taking kids to baseball games and practices and me to appointments when I was unable to drive myself, co-hosting a gorgeous baby shower and gifting us with the infant car seat needed to bring baby home), during labor (she drove me to the hospital since Sean was working in the forest and out of cell range when it was time to go - so glad he made it for the delivery and that she got to be there for the birth too), and now post-partum (watching the little ones until the day after I was discharged and then again today, catching up laundry and feeding them dinner which will make this evening so much easier). After getting a flat tire repaired today, Sean and the older kids will begin the long drive back tomorrow and will arrive late Friday night. After spending just 12 of the past 42 days all together I am so looking forward to having everyone home again!

June 15th • Day 8

Instagram: Little luxuries like hot showers, naps, and not needing to leave the house have quickly moved towards the top of my list of favorites lately, right after snuggling this sweet baby of course. ❤️ After getting rid of nearly all the baby gear last summer, we didn't plan to replace very much of it this time around. How hard could it be to live without a swing/crib/etc with so many extra sets of hands around all the time?! With most of them out of town this past week, this little soft and soothing removable napper which came as part of the new Pack 'n Play we were given has been so incredibly helpful especially when it comes to finally getting to shower! Thank you, Charlotte and family! 😘