Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day, Sean! We love you! 

I can't resist taking pictures of her while she's sleeping and sharing a few of them 💚
 {We dressed her up in one of her oldest sister's preemie sized outfits from nearly 14 years ago!} #fathersday2017 #11daysold #6lbssomething #sotinyandcute #countingthedaystojune24

Late each night, from about 9 or 10 until 12 or 1, she is wide awake... 
Just like when she was still inside the womb! 👶🏻💚


  1. She is so precious!

    2017-06-25 23:56:56

  2. You have such beautiful babies, Jessica, who then grow up to be handsome and beautiful children. This little one looks like she might favor her daddy and Chiquita? :)

    2017-06-26 19:55:10

  3. THE best Father's Day gift ever! And surely the prettiest. Now if she can just learn how to sleep at night....!

    2017-06-26 22:10:48


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