Friday, May 5, 2017

A Spiritual Bouquet and Baby Gift for Lena

A large Bouquet of Roses
Flowers that will never fade
A Novena of Rosaries
With love in each Decade!

Lena over at JOY{filled} family (also on Instagram here and one of my past contributors over at Catholic Cuisine) is preparing to welcome her newest little boy  (baby #8!) on May 8th! If I lived nearby I'd host a baby shower for her, but instead I'm going to try my best to shower her and our soon-to-be newest Godson with prayers!

If you'd like to be included in this spiritual bouquet, please leave me a comment here, over at Instagram, or send me an email by May 7th with the number of rosaries - or Our Fathers, Hail Marys, Glory Be's, if you can't commit to one or more complete rosaries - that you will offer for her and her family and their new baby and I'll include them in this card!

I'm also working on coordinating a group gift to have sent to her family. It's the one new thing she'd love to purchase for this baby! You can find all the details here if you'd like to consider a small contribution towards this gift as well.



  1. One family rosary for mama, new baby and all those caring for them.

    2017-05-05 17:50:25

  2. How sweet of you and what a beautiful gift to give to Lena and your newest godson! I have not met Lena but did speak with her on the phone twice when we were looking at a Catholic college that her daughter attended in Texas before it closed. She, like you, is truly inspirational in living such a beautiful Catholic life with her family. Please include me for 5 rosaries for her and her new precious little baby boy. Know she and you are in my prayers for safe deliveries. God bless you both and your beautiful families.

    2017-05-05 21:27:06

    1. Thank you, Dawn! God bless you and your family too!

      2017-05-06 03:38:29

  3. Oh what a sweet thing to do! Our family would love to say some rosaries! Put us down for 3 please.

    2017-05-05 22:39:46

  4. I will Pray a rosary Lena, new baby and the whole family. She belongs to the same parish I do. I would like make donation toward the baby gift. I am not on twitter

    2017-05-06 03:15:15

    1. Thank you, Anastasia! I will send you an email.

      2017-05-06 03:33:32

  5. We will offer two rosaries for her and her family. Thanks, and God bless!

    2017-05-06 05:40:34

  6. I would love to offer three Rosaries for this sweet mama! God bless your new baby godson.

    2017-05-06 20:42:30

  7. Our Family will be happy to say 9 Rosaries for Lena and her baby!! God Bless her and her little baby!! <3

    2017-05-06 23:51:45

  8. I will offer one Rosary and one Mass Intention for Lena and her family. God bless!

    2017-05-07 00:13:40

  9. How exciting! What a beautiful friend you are Jessica to organize such a meaningful and thoughtful gift! Please put us down for a rosary from our family for Lena, baby and family! God bless!

    2017-05-07 01:26:43

  10. such a nice idea!!! I will light a candle after mass tomorrow along with offering up Monday's Rosary for her and her baby!! God Bless!!!

    2017-05-07 02:25:17

  11. Beautiful, Camouflaged MessFebruary 17, 2022 at 10:54 AM

    I will offer my Mass today (the Sunday before) for she and a healthy, uneventful birth. And, I will offer two Rosaries - one for Lena and one for baby!! Thank you for giving us an option to support from afar...

    2017-05-07 10:53:02

  12. Two Our Fathers with candles at for her and one for the baby

    2017-05-07 19:06:12


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