Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Congratulations JOY{filled} Family

All is well! Our sweet baby was born on May 8 at 2:01pm. 
I'm recovering now that I'm over the major nausea hurdle (8hrs). 
So much gratitude goes out to my spiritual benefactors. 
Deo gratias! 

Thank you to everyone who has been praying. You all are amazing! 
Together we were able to send a spiritual bouquet including (at least!)...

1,089 Our Fathers
9,659 Hail Marys
1,087 Glory Be's

... plus a couple extra Mass intentions and a few candles lit at churches! 
May God reward you all for your prayers and kindness!  

There is still time to contribute to the virtual shower gift (a new DockATot) for the baby as well.


  1. Deo gratias!

    2017-05-09 19:33:07

  2. Where did you get the lovely paper where you wrote the spiritual bouquet on?

    2017-05-11 14:32:52

    1. It's the Prayer Bouquet Greeting Card from Trademark Catholic Stationary: http://www.catholicstationery.com/greeting-cards/...

      2017-05-11 14:38:32

  3. Do you have a DockaTot ?

    2017-05-11 17:39:07

    1. No, I don't, but I'm thinking about ordering one for this baby. For our last two we used a combination of a Moses Basket (all around the house) and a First Year's Close and Secure Sleeper (similar to this) in our bed for at night, but we don't have them anymore.

      2017-05-11 19:25:25

  4. Hey author, Where did you get the lovely paper where you wrote the spiritual bouquet on?

    2017-05-14 18:50:14

    1. You can find the link a couple comments up :)

      2017-05-19 14:51:49

  5. I know I'm late in commenting on this glorious occasion, but it's never too late to add some prayers for this blessed family! The grandkids and I will say some prayers today to add to this sweet Spiritual Bouquet.

    2017-05-22 12:09:04


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