Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Baby Shower in May

My sister-in-law Meagan, sister Mary, and Mom gave us an absolutely gorgeous baby shower today! Thank you! We are so blessed to be surrounded by such loving and supportive family and friends. 

I'm 36 weeks pregnant today! We are getting closer as we countdown the days until her due date on June 24th, the solemnity of the Birth of St. John the Baptist.  It's been a difficult pregnancy and I'm looking forward to finally meeting her when she arrives. I've never made it to my due date, so I am guessing it will be sooner rather than later, but hopefully after my husband arrives back home

.: Decorations :.

.: Mom-osa Bar :. 

.: Salad Luncheon :. 

While Meagan arranged flowers, decorated her beautiful backyard for the shower, and even took the time to freeze rosebuds in ice cubes, my mom and sister spent all day yesterday making all sorts of amazing homemade salads and Chicken Satay Spring Rolls for the luncheon! 

.: Family & Friends :. 

.: Cake & Cupcakes :. 

.: Gifts for Baby :. 

It's going to be so much fun to have another baby girl in the house. Everything she has been given is so darling. I can't wait to see her wrapped in the new blankets and dressed in the cute outfits. 

I have some incredibly talented friends who made us the sweetest gifts for our new baby girl, including a darling bonnet and necklace from Aleesa, Courtney and their Mom (Saong Jai) as well as a new saint doll from my friend Ann-Marie over at Trendzilly! Kristi (Paradise Jewelry) and Luzmaria (The Artsy Sand Piper) are waiting on us to finalize a name. We are working on it! 

Even though they couldn't all be here this weekend for the shower, four of my sisters, along with my mom and Meagan, all went in on getting us a stroller and car seat for the baby! 

.: Party Favors :. 

Meagan made Peppermint & Orange Sugar Scrub for all the guests to take home. 
It was such a fun afternoon. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate our new little blessing!


  1. my goodness everything looks so perfect!

    2017-05-28 13:47:53

  2. What a beautiful baby shower! You are truly blessed with family and friends!

    2017-05-28 13:49:13

  3. It all looks so precious! And all well deserved :-).

    2017-05-28 16:51:32

  4. WOW! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Such great blessings from family and friends. Praying for you and the little miss.

    2017-05-28 21:43:37

  5. Those tables and benches are gorgeous! Did they build them!?

    2017-05-28 21:48:46

    1. They were handmade by a local husband and wife who run an event rentals business in our area. My SIL rented them for the shower. My brother did make the table that all the drinks were on and it is usually where they put the 2 - 10' Farm Tables for the shower. They are so gorgeous! Especially decorated with all the flower arrangements my SIL and her friend made with flowers from Trader Joe's!

      2017-05-30 22:42:08

  6. I can't get over how delicious your baby bump looked in those pictures! I'm so thankful to God for blessing your family with another little one to love. Continued prayers for a healthy and safe delivery for baby and momma, and thank you again for sharing your world with us. ♥

    2017-05-29 05:30:22

  7. It's a joy to see you 'showered' with love and family, friends and gifts. And what a beautiful setting! You do so much for so many, it is heartwarming to see so much love come back to you. A Shower of Roses for you, dear valiant Jessica!

    2017-05-29 13:12:23

  8. Thank You for sharing your baby shower. You and your family are certainly loved. Blessings to you and yours. Marion

    2017-05-30 19:26:31

  9. A beautiful shower for a beautiful person! Praying for you! :)

    2017-05-30 22:58:39

  10. What a beautiful celebration!!! Such talent. God be praised!!!

    2017-05-30 23:55:18

  11. What a lovely shower. Thank you for sharing your special day. Marilyn

    2017-05-31 18:31:14

  12. This is just lovely and the food looks DELICIOUS! Would love to know what each of the dishes are?

    2017-06-01 11:42:05

  13. Nice celebration! Wish you easy labour and good health to you and your baby.

    2017-06-01 14:17:51

  14. Such a beautiful Baby Shower for a Beautiful Mother. The flower tablescape is just lovely and the salads look scrumptious. How wonderful to share this special event with your three little ladies in anticipation of the blessed arrival of their baby sister...It is always such a joy to open baby gifts and hold those darling tiny outfits and cuddly soft baby blankets. Thank you so much for sharing Jessica.

    2017-06-01 17:05:05


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