Sunday, April 9, 2017

On Palm Sunday

🌿Gloria, laus et honor tibi sit, Rex Christe Redemptor, Cui puerile decus prompsit Hosanna pium.🌿

Yesterday we learned about one of the traditional liturgical rites of Palm Sunday... Once the priest (altar boy in this picture book we have) arrived at the church doors during the procession with palms, he would knock loudly with the foot of the cross, and then the door would open.

Update: The picture book is called My Holy Week Missal. I recently ordered a couple EF missals  (A Young Catholic's Daily Missal for our soon-to-be 10 year old and Blessed Be God for myself) from Angelus Press (affiliated with SSPX) and added this book to my order. I really like it! It includes illustrations and explanations (based on the Latin Mass) for Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday.

Lent and Easter Blocks (or Craft Sheets to make your own!) • My Holy Week Missal

"It was a beautiful image of Jesus Himself who, with the wood of the cross, with the power of his love which he gives, knocked from the side of the world on God's door; from the side of a world that was unable to find access to God. With the cross, Jesus opens wide the door of God, the door between God and men. Now it is open." {source}


  1. We love this book! Here is the link for you to purchase it from.

    2017-04-09 22:43:34

  2. Dear Jessica, You are such an inspiration, thank you!!! You would love to know about our church here in Norwalk Connecticut, Saint Mary's! It is so beautiful and filled with all the old traditions like banging on the door 3 times to end the mass of the palms!!! Look up our church and see all the Holy Week masses ahead😇.

    2017-04-10 11:15:38

  3. What a beautiful book. Thank you for the Angelus Press web site. Blessed Holy Week and a Joyous Easter. Marion

    2017-04-10 22:15:59

  4. Thank you fort he lovely post concerning Palm Sunday. Wishing you and yours a Blessed Holy Week and a Joyous and Peace filled Easter. Marilyn

    2017-04-10 22:17:56

  5. Dear Jessica, We have a beautiful traditional Latin Mass offered here, in Rockford Illinois, by the Institute of Christ the King. We had the Palm Sunday procession with the three knocks on the door. It was wonderful! We have a fantastic priest, not one, but two daily Latin Masses, and confession daily. We are indeed blessed at Saint Mary Oratory--visitors are always welcome!

    2017-04-10 23:57:21

  6. Thanks for sharing! I just watched their slideshow! I love seeing how other churches implement all of the traditions!

    2017-04-11 01:34:49


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