Thursday, April 13, 2017

Holy Thursday

Jesus knows that He is going to be handed over to the Jews to be put to death. During His last supper with His apostles, Jesus washes their feet, then institutes the sacrament of the Eucharist and ordains the first priests. Today let us pray especially for priests.

An Alphabet of the Altar And Other Holies

The Jesus TreeA Lenten Calendar for Catholic Children

O MY good Jesus! teach me always to see Thyself in the Priest. I know that he has been set over me to direct me and to help me to save my soul. I know that Thou wilt never find fault with me if I obey him in everything in order to do Thy Holy Will. Teach me to love him and to respect him always. Do Thou protect him and be near him in his great work of saving souls. Keep him from harm. Help him to bring many souls to Thee and thus to win for himself a glorious crown in heaven. Amen.